Taking the next step…

Often in life we don’t know what path we should take. We may know where we want to be or at least the general direction, but don’t know how or where to get started. In situations like this the best thing to do is just take a step in the direction of what you want.…

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Interesting People Embrace Honesty

There is a strength to honesty. Interesting people generally realize that life is too short to have to make up lies.  If you’re in a situation where you feel you have to lie then either you’re not in the right situation, or you did something wrong leading up to that situation. You shouldn’t have people…

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Interesting People Keep Up With Politics

Interesting people pay more attention to politics than to celebrity gossip. They vote in elections, including their local ones. They have opinions on most political issues, but don’t shove them down everyone else’s throats on Facebook. Boring people complain about politicians, but don’t even vote.  They say how crooked everyone is, but they don’t vote…

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Interesting Travel: Backpacking vs. “Suitcasing”

I constantly hear people boast about how lightly they travel.  The say how they never check luggage and some people will go away for weeks with just a backpack full of the bare minimum to get by.  “Backpacking” or travelling around with just a backpack and no other luggage may be great for some people,…

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Good Breath

Interesting People Don’t Have Bad Breath

One thing that I think is almost unforgivable in this day and age is having bad breath.  Sure a very small segment of the population has genetic deficiencies that add to it, but for just about everyone it can be controlled with some inexpensive supplies and good habits. It is a terrible thing to be…

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Do it

When in Doubt: DO IT

Almost everyone is familiar with the phrase “When in doubt, do without”. There are times that this makes sense, and times that this doesn’t, but I believe in today’s world most people are too cautious. Humans as a species are generally very cautious.  Our early ancestors lived in a less sanitized world full of deadly…

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Story telling

Interesting People Have Interesting Stories

One of the greatest gifts of living an interesting life are the memories and stories that come as a result of it. The more experiences you have and create, the more interesting stories that you have to share with others. We all like story time.  People watch movies and television.  Children often like to hear…

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Interesting People Have Their Own Style

Interesting people experiment a lot and see what works for them. (Click here to read about experimenting in life )  They try out different clothes, hair styles, shoes, accessories, etc. to find what looks best and feels best for them. I’m definitely no fashion guru, but I’ve found some things that work for me and these…

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Interesting People Don’t live in the Past

Interesting people are always looking forward.  There’s no time to look in the past. Sure maybe you have done some great things in the past.  Maybe you haven’t.  Either way, your best years should be ahead of you no matter how old you are. Maybe you’re dwelling on pains from the past.  This is counterproductive.…

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Scientists Experiment

Interesting People Experiment

Interesting people constantly try new things. They go to new places.  They meet new people.  They try new foods.  They learn new skills.  They are constantly experimenting. Sometimes they find out they don’t like a new food or they find that a new place is extremely boring, but now they know. They read all sorts…

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