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Become more interesting

5 Ways to Become a More Interesting Person Today! (Video Follow-up)

This is my video follow-up to my article 5 Ways to Become more Interesting To sum up they are as follows: Travel Read Learn More Languages Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone Study Spirituality I go into a bit of detail on each in this video from my YouTube Channel Thank you for watching! All the best,…

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just do it

Screw it, Just do it!

Screw it, Just do it! If you wait too long you’ll never do it… If you wait for other people to go first or for them to agree to come along you’ll never do it… Whatever “it” is… Starting a business Approaching a girl or guy Going on a vacation… If you keep waiting for…

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Backpacking vs Suitcasing

Backpacking vs Suitcasing: What’s the Best way to Travel?

Many people love to boast about how they backpack around a country with just a tiny bag filled with the bare minimum. This is ok sometimes, but for most travel that I do it doesn’t make sense. In the video below from my YouTube channel I discuss why I usually choose to “Suitcase” through a…

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