just do it

Screw it, Just do it!

Screw it, Just do it!

Just do it

If you wait too long you’ll never do it…

If you wait for other people to go first or for them to agree to come along you’ll never do it…

Whatever “it” is…

Starting a business

Approaching a girl or guy

Going on a vacation…

If you keep waiting for certain circumstances to be just right you will never do the thing you want to do.

You will never do the thing you need to do.

do it alone

Waiting for other people to act first or come with you is lowering yourself to their level.  It is lowering yourself to the lowest common denominator.  Rather than you defining your level of living you are letting them do it for you.


This leads to something scary though… Sometimes this means you need to go or act alone.  This is okay.  It makes the actions that much bolder.  Bolder is always good.  Odds are you’ll meet even better friends along the way that match you and your adventurous, interesting lifestyle.

Anytime in my past that I’ve lived by the “Screw it, Just do it” motto, it has been the right choice.

When I quit jobs that I hated it was the right choice.

When I booked a trip even though I didn’t know if I could afford it or be given “permission” to, it was the right choice.

Whenever I approached a girl that I found interesting it was the right choice whether it worked out or not.

Life is too short.  The minds of those around you are too small.  If you don’t act then those around you probably never will.  If you are lucky to be surrounded by bold people then take action with them and learn from them.  They might not be around forever so learn from them.


Me “screwing it and just doing” it a few years back.

Recently I’ve been looking to go on a trip with a bunch of friends.  Most of the ones I have asked at first said they were interested, but over time whined about not having money or not being able to get off from work.  What do these guys have to show for their lives thus far?  No money, no travel experience, little ambition.

Rather than let myself be defined by their fears, weaknesses, poor life choices, etc I decided to book everything myself.  If any of them end up coming, then great.  If not well then I’m great at making friends and will make them as I go.  In the meantime I’m no longer wondering if there will be a trip.  There will be a trip because I say to myself there will be one.  Everyone else must say the same for their own self too.

Do it

Years ago I used to have friends that wanted to spend their weekend nights playing cards together in each other’s houses.  These were single guys that wanted women in their lives, but decided to play cards with each other instead.  Rather than let them define my reality I went out by myself for a while.  I eventually made new friends whose interests matched mine and the rest is history.

The same is true for business.  I’ve tried to motivate friends to start businesses to increase their freedom and income.  Only one friend took any substantial action based on what I said.  Oh well, they say it’s lonely at the top.  After everything I’ve seen with the people described above I can see why.

To sum up, the moral of this story is to take action.  To take action by yourself, unilaterally if necessary.  Be ready for this.  Don’t be surprised when you have to do this.  Any great success in life does this.

An interesting life depends on this…

All the best,


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