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New York Fashion Week

NYFW – New York Fashion Week – My Interesting Experiences There

I’m no fashion guru, but I love having new experiences in life. When you’re 90 years old you will remember all of the interesting experiences you’ve had and you will regret the ones you missed out on. When I was given an opportunity to sit front row at the Son Jung Wan fashion show at…

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interesting style

Interesting People Have Their Own Style – Part 2 – Video Follow-Up

Over time Interesting people find a style(s) that works for them. The way they dress and set up their surroundings affects the external world around them, but also their internal thoughts and feelings. This is a follow-up video to a post on the site mostinterestinglife.com You can find that article here: Interesting People Have Their…

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Interesting Travel: Backpacking vs. “Suitcasing”

I constantly hear people boast about how lightly they travel.  The say how they never check luggage and some people will go away for weeks with just a backpack full of the bare minimum to get by.  “Backpacking” or travelling around with just a backpack and no other luggage may be great for some people,…

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Interesting People Have Their Own Style

Interesting people experiment a lot and see what works for them. (Click here to read about experimenting in life )  They try out different clothes, hair styles, shoes, accessories, etc. to find what looks best and feels best for them. I’m definitely no fashion guru, but I’ve found some things that work for me and these…

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