Interesting People Have Their Own Style

Interesting people experiment a lot and see what works for them. (Click here to read about experimenting in life )  They try out different clothes, hair styles, shoes, accessories, etc. to find what looks best and feels best for them.

I’m definitely no fashion guru, but I’ve found some things that work for me and these things change over time.

I used to never wear v-necked t shirts until I tried them.  Now I like them.

I usually don’t change my hair style drastically, but as it gets longer I might try a new pomade or paste and style it a little differently.  The next time I get it cut I might ask to get part of it cut a little longer and another part a little shorter.

*note* I personally believe that women should keep their hair long.  The vast majority of guys agree on this.  Feel free to style it, color it, curl it, straighten it etc in any which way, but I personally advise against cutting it short. *rant over*

Try dressing up some days for no reason at all just to tackle your day in a different state of mind.  I speak from the perspective of a man so maybe wear a collared shirt and dress shoes on a random day.  Try different colors.  Experiment with different patterns.  Figure out what works best for you.

Fashion Ties

Maybe go shopping with a friend and see what they think looks good.  Try to pick a stylish friend for this.  Go to an outlet store or a TJ Maxx/Marshalls where prices are lower so that if you don’t end up liking the items down the road it wasn’t a big investment.  You could also return them.

Try a size smaller than you normally would, or a size bigger.  Many people don’t wear the size that they should.  Also try different cuts such as “relaxed” or “fitted” cuts.

There are times where it does make sense to pay for more expensive items.  It makes more sense to own one really nice pair of jeans than three or four mediocre ones.  Often more expensive clothes are made better or of a better material.  Remember though that this is not always the case.

Cheap used designer clothing can also be bought on eBay for pennies on the dollar.  When buying used clothes on eBay make sure you know which size will fit you best.

Style also pertains to your living space.  Hang up interesting things on your walls; things with stories to tell guests.  I plan to do a post soon about having stories.  See what types of things get the most compliments.

Invest in good bedding.  In my opinion you should have a nice bed, blankets, etc.  You never know who might be sleeping over 😉

Generally in life if you’re not growing you’re dying.  You should generally be growing in all areas and your personal style and sense of fashion should be no different.  Do you dress the same as you did in high school or college?  Maybe for the gym or on a lazy day this is fine, but you should have more tools in your belt as time goes on.  Look to always evolve and improve yourself.

There’s nothing interesting about walking around in ill-fitting, dirty, unflattering clothing.

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