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harness fear

How to Use Fear – What is Fear Actually Good For??

Fear can actually be useful if used properly. Read the quote below to get an idea how it can be used… “… fear is… a natural state of discomfort that occurs whenever you’re out of your comfort zone.  It’s not there to sabotage you, but to help you come alive, be more focused, and put…

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New York Fashion Week

NYFW – New York Fashion Week – My Interesting Experiences There

I’m no fashion guru, but I love having new experiences in life. When you’re 90 years old you will remember all of the interesting experiences you’ve had and you will regret the ones you missed out on. When I was given an opportunity to sit front row at the Son Jung Wan fashion show at…

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Special Guest Post From The Hamptons Butcher!: “Want to have a meal on the wild side?”

Today’s post is a guest post about different interesting cuts of meat from different animals that you might not typically eat in the United States. The post was written by my long-time friend and adventure buddy the “KFM” or in this case “The Hamptons Butcher”. I’ve traveled around the world with this guy and we’ve…

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interesting stories

Interesting People Have Interesting Stories – Part 2 – Video Follow-Up

One benefits of living an interesting life is that you will also have tons of interesting stories. These stories are greatly enjoyed by other people and will be treasures that you’ll have your whole life. This is a video follow up to an article I wrote that you can find here: Interesting People Have Interesting…

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JBL Pulse 3

Interesting Travel Tool – Bluetooth Speakers – JBL Pulse 3

Often when I talk to other people about traveling the conversation goes to great ideas of what to pack and bring along. One thing that I often recommend is a good travel Bluetooth speaker. The technologies have advanced to the point where even a tiny speaker can connect to your phone and create sound that…

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interesting people experiment

Interesting People Experiment – Part 2 – Video Follow-Up

Variety is the spice of life. Interesting people know this. They experiment to both accumulate new life experiences and also to learn better ways to live.   This is a follow-up video to my post you can find here: Interesting People Experiment   Enjoy!

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interesting people make mistakes

Interesting People Make a lot of Mistakes

Interesting people make a lot of mistakes…  and this is a good thing! They make mistakes because they are always trying new things. They are always pushing their comfort zones. They may be advanced in many areas of their lives, but they are beginners at others. Their journey of growth is never-ending. Growth involves new…

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more interesting path

Interesting People Don’t Choose the Easy Path – Video Follow-Up!

Most people choose the easiest path in life at all times. They eat fast-food, they watch too much television, and if they take a vacation they take the most boring simple vacation as possible. Interesting people don’t do this. Neither should you. This is a follow-up video to the article I wrote on my blog…

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interesting people at airports

Interesting People at Airports

Recently while flying to Houston for business I noticed something that I’ve thought about many times in the past. I’ve always noticed that airports have more interesting people than the general population. People in airports are typically smarter, busier and even better looking. I’ve even met and spoken with a few celebrities at airports and…

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Interesting Choice Houston

Leave No Interesting Stone Unturned: Part 2 – Video Follow-Up

This is a video follow up to my recent post that you can find here: Leave No Interesting Stone Unturned: Part 1   Enjoy!  

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