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Don't reject yourself

It’s Never Interesting to Reject YOURSELF

It’s never interesting to reject yourself. This probably either sounds strange or obvious, but what do I mean here? Most people reject themselves all the time in so many ways. They do it because they don’t really believe it is possible to get the things they really want in life. Maybe you would be interested…

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Feel Your Way to an Interesting Life

This post can be interpreted either spiritually or psychologically.  Feel free to interpret it either way since both work. Most people look to their outer world in order to determine how they feel.  They look to feel good by accomplishing goals, interacting with people, eating certain foods, going to certain places, buying certain products, etc.…

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Go Slow

Go Slow to Go Fast

People’s lives today move at a very fast pace.  This is especially true for interesting lives.  One major downside of this is that it is easy to become overwhelmed and thus paralyzed mentally.  It’s as if our brains overheat and we get nothing done.  The best thing to do at times like this is often…

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Boring Rats on a Boring Treadmill

Everyone wants more out of life. Everyone falls into habits in life; many of those habits are bad ones. We get used to a certain way of doing things and usually don’t have much “free time” to improve beyond our current conditions. We want more things, but we just can’t find the time to take…

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It Takes Obsession

I put a lot of thought into what really makes the difference between someone that succeeds at various pursuits in life and those who don’t. Many people try to get in shape, become wealthy, become leaders, master a new hobby or achieve success in any one of countless other endeavors, but most get sidetracked and…

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Interesting People Make Interesting Choices

I’ve heard it said that all we are is the summation of the choices we’ve made. There’s a lot of truth to this. The decisions we make each day help form who we are. How do we take care of ourselves physically? What do we eat? Do we exercise and do so properly? Do we take…

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People Who Do Versus People Who Judge

There are two types of people in this world: People who do (Doers) and People who judge (Judgers) Rarely is anyone both of these things. Interesting people are doers.  They get things done.  They go for what they want in life unashamedly.  The work hard, take risks and put themselves out there.  This makes some…

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Interesting People Never Accept Average

  I’m sorry… this post is a little rough… Interesting people never wish to be thought of as “average”. Average is death… The average person in the United States watches hours of television every day.  The average person never leaves the country.  The average person never reads or learns a new language.  They slowly get…

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5 Types of Books I Read Regularly

I’ve mentioned in the past how important reading is for any interesting person. The average person in the United States stops growing intellectually after high school or college. People who want more out of life realize what amazing opportunities to learn there are out there and they keep on learning. I often get greedy with…

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Taking the next step…

Often in life we don’t know what path we should take. We may know where we want to be or at least the general direction, but don’t know how or where to get started. In situations like this the best thing to do is just take a step in the direction of what you want.…

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