Scientists Experiment

Interesting People Experiment

Interesting people constantly try new things.

They go to new places.  They meet new people.  They try new foods.  They learn new skills.  They are constantly experimenting.

Sometimes they find out they don’t like a new food or they find that a new place is extremely boring, but now they know.

They read all sorts of books.  They shop at different types of stores.  They are constantly trying new things.

Maybe a new diet will work for them.  Maybe not, but they try it out.

There’s an annual festival that they have never been to so they go there.  Maybe they’ll go back next year and maybe not, but they try it out.

There are tons of different natural dietary supplements that work for different people.  Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines have been around for thousands of years.  Interesting people try these things and see what works for them.

Every day is interesting when you try new things.

Take a new class.  Visit a new website.  Constantly be looking to grow and learn.

The best way to do this is to experiment.


Experiment with the way you talk.  Experiment with your posture.  Talk more than you would one day.  Talk less another.  Learn from these experiences.

Life offers unlimited opportunities to try new things and to find better ways.

Drive a new way to work or to the grocery store.  Get your car washed or hair cut at a different place.

When a new experiment goes badly it’s usually not too bad.  Maybe you learn something new that you don’t like, but now at least you won’t wonder about it.  You just might even walk away with an interesting story.

Life is too short to be boring.

Go out, experiment and explore.




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