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Interesting People Have Faith

Interesting People Have Faith – Part 2 – Video Follow-Up

All great people in history that have achieved anything to significant amount have had a lot of faith. How do you have faith when things aren’t looking so great? How do you have faith when you don’t know what path to take? In this video I talk about the uses of faith, how faith works,…

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musashi spirit of the thing

Miyamoto Musashi’s “Spirit of the Thing” – Video Follow-Up!

What is this mysterious principle of the “Spirit of the Thing” and how can you use it in your life? What can you learn from an undefeated samurai warrior? What the video below to find out! This is a video follow-up to my original article that you can find here: Interesting Samurai Thought: “The Spirit…

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Interesting Gifts Are All Around Us

We live in an incredibly interesting world. A major part of living an interesting life is enjoying all of the interesting things we already have Our lives have ambitions, goals, responsibilities and countless distractions. An interesting life is full of many exotic goals and ambitions. It is easy though while pursuing these things to lose…

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Perfect patience taoism

The Interesting Tao Principle of Perfect Patience

I find spirituality very interesting. As I often mention I am a man of science and have a strong science background in Molecular Biology. I do however believe that there is a lot to learn in spirituality. I believe that spirituality covers science that we do not know enough about yet   Taoism One branch…

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we live in a perfect universe

Living in a Perfectly Interesting Universe – New Video!

This video is a follow-up to a post I made a little while back that you can find here: We Live in a Perfectly Interesting Universe   In this video I discuss why do bad things happen to people?  Are good things always good?  How can we tell? Sometimes bad things in life lead to…

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Become more interesting

5 Ways to Become a More Interesting Person Today! (Video Follow-up)

This is my video follow-up to my article 5 Ways to Become more Interesting To sum up they are as follows: Travel Read Learn More Languages Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone Study Spirituality I go into a bit of detail on each in this video from my YouTube Channel Thank you for watching! All the best,…

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Feel Your Way to an Interesting Life

This post can be interpreted either spiritually or psychologically.  Feel free to interpret it either way since both work. Most people look to their outer world in order to determine how they feel.  They look to feel good by accomplishing goals, interacting with people, eating certain foods, going to certain places, buying certain products, etc.…

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Pure Joy

Pure Joy

Why are we here?  Why do we like to live interesting lives? The answer is both simple and complex. We are here to feel and express joy… love… happiness… creativity… We are here to feel… to feel these things… to feel alive. We are all little pieces of one great conscious universe. We forget what…

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Float Tank

Interesting People Float (Sensory Deprivation Chambers)

Flotation Tanks or Sensory Deprivation Chambers are one of the most effective ways for interesting people to relax, decompress and “press the reset button” of their minds. This article isn’t meant to be a tell-all going over every aspect of Float Tanks, but is meant to give a little bit of my own perspective on them…

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Happy New Year

New Year, New Interesting Life

Okay, I think it’s cheesy to wait until the new year to make positive life changes… I also think it’s pretty lame to be overly cynical. 2017 just started so any excuse is a good excuse to lead a more interesting life! Points of focus for 2017: Health and Fitness – You should already be…

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