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The Interesting Tao Principle of Perfect Patience

I find spirituality very interesting.

As I often mention I am a man of science and have a strong science background in Molecular Biology.

I do however believe that there is a lot to learn in spirituality.

I believe that spirituality covers science that we do not know enough about yet


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One branch of spirituality that I find extremely interesting is Taoism.

Taoism comes from China and basically talking about an all-pervading, all-inclusive ultimate force of the universe called the Tao.

Everything we are and everything else out these is part of and flows with the Tao.

Taoism tells us of the 10,000 things in life that distract us to the one true truth which is the Tao.

Other faiths may call this God, but Taoism treats the Tao more as an indifferent force of nature with its own rules and attributes.

I think that the Tao is just another way to look at God.

The point of this article is to talk about the Taoist principle of “Perfect Patience”.


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Perfect Patience

The principle of Perfect Patience says that things will work out for us best in life when we have perfect patience while waiting for the things we want.

Do all of the work that you can to get what you want, but beyond that don’t fritter away anxiously while the fruits of your labor are on their way.

When you obsess about things it creates a negative energy that leads to their delay.

Have you ever heard the old saying that “a watched pot never boils”?  This is the same principle.

Have faith in the perfect flow of the universe.

Nothing is more interesting than this.  You do your part and the universe or Tao does the rest.

Flow perfectly with this perfect force and have a perfectly knowing patience along the way.


nature is patient


Nature always has perfect patience.  Trees don’t get impatient to grow.  Eggs don’t get impatient to hatch.  Everything flows at its own perfect pace.


Having perfect patience feels good.  It takes a lot of weight off of your shoulders.

Most other spiritual practices have a similar idea of this and call it “Faith”.


Having perfect patience radiates the right energy out to the universe.  It leads to the right things coming back to you.  If you believe in the Law of Attraction at all perfect patience ties in perfectly with it.  If you just believe in science then perfect patience leads to a calmer, more focused, more rational mind.


radiate perfect patience


Perfect Patience is a specific kind of faith especially regarding time; time both as an ongoing flow and time as specific phases of life.


Having perfect patience is a habit to cultivate.  It is easy to forget the principle while stuck in traffic or waiting for an important phone call or item in the mail.

Once understood though, perfect patience is extremely powerful and puts you in alignment with what you want.

In practice it feels good and leads you to making much better decisions.

Fear and anxiousness always lead to the wrong decisions.

With perfect patience there is no fear or anxiousness, only a calm knowing.


beautiful patience


Introduce this concept into your life and reap the rewards.


Until next time Stay Interesting and Perfectly Patient…


All the Best,



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