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Am I more interesting than you

Am I More Interesting Than You? – Video Follow Up

This video post is a follow up to my article I posted here: My Goal in Life? To be More Interesting than YOU   In life we’re either growing weaker or growing stronger.  There is no in between. Some competition in life can be motivational and drive you to greater things. Am I more interesting…

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Interesting People Live Deeply

I’ve once heard it said that it’s not the days in your life that matter, but the life in your days. Interesting people know that even if you live a long time that life is still short. They know that time is not to be wasted and opportunities to feel alive are not to be missed.…

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Interesting People Take More Risks

Thoughts about taking risks in order to live a more interesting life.

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How to Skydive (or bungee jump, or hang glide, etc)

How do you get yourself to do things that you would like to do, but you find incredibly scary?

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