How to Skydive (or bungee jump, or hang glide, etc)

This is not a post telling you how to actually do these things.

This is a post telling you how to mentally prepare and get yourself to actually do them if you would like to be the sort of interesting person that can go around telling people that you have done them.

I’ll break this down into a few steps…

1.  Decide you want to do one of these things.

Is this something you would like to have done at least once in your life (regardless if right now you think it’s too scary)?

If you tell yourself “yes” then proceed to step 2.

2. Find a place that offers said activity.

It was easy for me to find a place near me that offers skydiving.  It took a lot of travelling to finally stumble upon a place in Thailand that had bungee jumping….

3. How much does it cost? How will you pay for it?

Most activities like this cost between $60 to $200 USD.  Most people are able to save up this amount of money or maybe for a birthday or other holiday can ask people for money towards the activity.  This post is not about how to save up $200.  Call up the company you are looking to go through, find the price, and procure the money.

4. When?

Call up the company and find out when they have availability.

*NOTE* I know a lot of these steps are overly obvious, but in life when there are things that you associate massive amounts of fear and procrastination with, this is the best way to actually get yourself to take action: by breaking things down into small micro-steps.

See if they have times that fit into your schedule or if you need to make time in yours somehow.

5. Book it.

Make a reservation or plan a day to just show up.  Leave a deposit if you need to.


Notice how I made that step in extra large type.  It is the most important step in this process.

It is ok to do a little research online to get tips to be more safe, clothing to wear, foods to avoid beforehand.  Do not overthink the actual task though and get yourself upset and fearful.  You already made the decision that this is something you want to do, you booked it, and will bring yourself to the location at the prearranged time.

7. Go there.

Go to the place at the scheduled time.

8. Pay close attention to all of the instructions that you are given.

Usually activities like this for first-timers are practically fool proof and safe given that you follow a few rules and instructions that the people operating the activity tell you.  Watch, listen, ask questions, and mentally rehearse what to do.

In the example of skydiving, the first few times you do it you are connected to an experienced instructor that does most of the work.  Your job is basically to not flail around or do anything dumb that can interfere with the instructor’s actions or the aerodynamics of falling.  Basically you are just told how to make your body into the shape of a banana.

Be a good little banana.


Hey I’m typing in bold again so that means this is important.

Just relax, enjoy the process and think about the minimal amount of things that you need to do.  Let the instructors do the rest.

10. Do it!

Finally it’s go time!  If you didn’t freak yourself out by overthinking you should feel some natural adrenaline, but overall be in the right state of mind to do the said activity.  Just focus on what you were told, ask questions if they pop up and enjoy.

Once you’re actually falling, gliding or whatever you are usually feeling pretty darn good.  The anticipation beforehand is almost always the toughest part.  Breathe, look around, and enjoy your more interesting life.


You did it!  You are now a totally awesome person that skydives, bungee jumps, or whatever it is you chose to do.  For the rest of your life you can tell people “Oh yeah, I did that”.

Maybe you found a new hobby, but if you are anything like me you’re asking yourself “What’s my next adventure…?”


Here are some photos from me bungee jumping in Thailand a few years back…


The scariest part is right before you jump



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