How interesting is your weekend

How Interesting Was Your Weekend?

Did you do anything fun, productive and/or interesting this weekend? Or did you spend it on your couch/bed “taking it easy” by watching TV and eating junk? This video is a followup to my article here about living a more interesting life on the weekends: How Interesting is Your Friday? Click here to read my…

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How to battle depression

What Interesting People Do When They’re Feeling Depressed.

Everyone feels down and depressed sometimes. For some people it is very rarely and for others it happens quite often. For some people they feel depressed for just a few short minutes, while for others it can last hours, days or even longer. It is impossible to enjoy life while feeling down.  It is also…

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Take More Risks

Interesting People Take More Risks! – Video Follow-Up

Interesting People Know to Take More Risks in their lives. This is a video follow-up to my original article that you can find here: Interesting People Take More Risks   How do you want to look back on your life when you are 90? Are “risks” really as “risky” as we might think? Whats the…

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Don't Explain

Interesting People Never Have to Explain Themselves

Do you constantly find yourself explaining your behavior to other people? Do you constantly feel the need to do so? Interesting people don’t do this. They realize that doing so is foolish and unnecessary most of the time. Sure, there are times when you have to explain yourself in business and in life. More often…

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Don't Get Upset

Interesting People Don’t Get Upset Easily – Video Follow-Up!

Do little things bother you? This video is a follow up to my article that you can find here: Interesting People Don’t Get Upset Easily   Interesting People enjoy their lives more because they don’t get upset over trivial things. This is an excellent habit to adopt. In this video I talk about how to…

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learn by doing

Interesting People Know that the Only Way to Learn is to Do

You can read a million books, watch a million YouTube videos and spend a million hours talking about a subject. Until you actually engage yourself within that subject and take actual action though, you know NOTHING.   The Internet is full of “Keyboard Jockey” fakers that know how to “talk the talk” about a lot…

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Am I more interesting than you

Am I More Interesting Than You? – Video Follow Up

This video post is a follow up to my article I posted here: My Goal in Life? To be More Interesting than YOU   In life we’re either growing weaker or growing stronger.  There is no in between. Some competition in life can be motivational and drive you to greater things. Am I more interesting…

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Perfect patience taoism

The Interesting Tao Principle of Perfect Patience

I find spirituality very interesting. As I often mention I am a man of science and have a strong science background in Molecular Biology. I do however believe that there is a lot to learn in spirituality. I believe that spirituality covers science that we do not know enough about yet   Taoism One branch…

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Interesting Social Life

Having an Interesting Social Life – Video!

How interesting is your social life? This video post is a follow-up to my article on building an interesting social life that you can find here: Click Here to read “Interesting People Have a Thriving Social Life”   If you made a few New Year Resolutions one of them should pertain to building your social…

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Magic of Small Actions

The Interesting Magic of Small Actions

Life can be overwhelming! Most of us have goals that often seem too big or out of our grasps. These goals become wishes without any plans of actually becoming a reality. We look for shortcuts, miracles or hope to win the lottery. How can we actually achieve these goals when we are too overwhelmed to…

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