Do it

When in Doubt: DO IT

Almost everyone is familiar with the phrase “When in doubt, do without”. There are times that this makes sense, and times that this doesn’t, but I believe in today’s world most people are too cautious. Humans as a species are generally very cautious.  Our early ancestors lived in a less sanitized world full of deadly…

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Story telling

Interesting People Have Interesting Stories

One of the greatest gifts of living an interesting life are the memories and stories that come as a result of it. The more experiences you have and create, the more interesting stories that you have to share with others. We all like story time.  People watch movies and television.  Children often like to hear…

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Interesting People Have Their Own Style

Interesting people experiment a lot and see what works for them. (Click here to read about experimenting in life )  They try out different clothes, hair styles, shoes, accessories, etc. to find what looks best and feels best for them. I’m definitely no fashion guru, but I’ve found some things that work for me and these…

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Interesting People Don’t live in the Past

Interesting people are always looking forward.  There’s no time to look in the past. Sure maybe you have done some great things in the past.  Maybe you haven’t.  Either way, your best years should be ahead of you no matter how old you are. Maybe you’re dwelling on pains from the past.  This is counterproductive.…

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Scientists Experiment

Interesting People Experiment

Interesting people constantly try new things. They go to new places.  They meet new people.  They try new foods.  They learn new skills.  They are constantly experimenting. Sometimes they find out they don’t like a new food or they find that a new place is extremely boring, but now they know. They read all sorts…

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Interesting world

Interesting People Enjoy Meeting a Variety of People

Variety is the spice of life and this is particularly true in interacting with a variety of different human beings. Interesting people enjoy meeting people from other races, cultures, religions, professions, hobbies, life experiences, ages, sexes, political parties, countries and any other way that someone can be different from themselves. They realize that they can…

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Hard Work

Interesting People Don’t Get Overwhelmed Easily

I recently moved to a new place which is why I haven’t posted anything in about a week. Moving is a lot of work and involves a lot of tasks that need to be done in order to get things in your new place the way they were in your old place. The overall job…

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Have faith

Interesting People Have Faith

In almost any endeavor in which there is some level of success to be had, interesting people that achieve great things have one thing in common: FAITH Whether it’s in winning a war, starting a successful business, or overcoming any sort of adversity, it is the people with the strongest faith that tend to win.…

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Interesting People Don’t Take the Easiest Path

Most people in life follow whatever path is the easiest and most convenient.  They eat fast food.  They get easy entertainment from television.  They avoid taking the stairs whenever humanly possible.  They take the easiest most simple vacations. This is not the path of the interesting person. Interesting people want more out of life.  They…

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Interesting Samurai Thought: “The Spirit of the Thing”

Miyamoto Musashi is considered by most to be the greatest samurai and Japanese swordsman to have ever lived.  He lived from 1584 to 1645 winning 60 duels mostly against very deadly and skilled opponents.  If he was a boxer or MMA fighter today that kind of record alone would make him legendary. Read more about his…

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