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What I learned from starting a YouTube Channel

I started this site and the accompanying YouTube channel as an experiment to post interesting ideas for a select type of people that would benefit from them.

Creating this blog and YouTube channel was also meant to help me learn and refine skills such as website creation, content creation, video editing (I’m still definitely a complete beginner with this one), and many other skills that I’ve been finding extremely useful for my other businesses.

website creation

Specifically I have found many other side-benefits to producing regular YouTube content.

To be honest I put off creating YouTube videos for a long time. I could list a ton of excuses that I told myself. ie: “I need more content” “I need to learn video editing before releasing anything” “I need better equipment” etc etc…

But really at the deepest level I was just being shy.

Creating videos involves putting yourself out there to potentially billions of people.

look dumb

You watch yourself on video and notice all of your own strange facial expressions and tics.

Almost everyone has heard the sound of their own voice recorded and thinks to themselves “That’s how I sound??? WTF!!!!”

Additionally we all know how brutal people can be online.


After a while though, I remembered the fact that all interesting people must remember:

Some of the greatest growth in life comes from putting yourself in strange and uncomfortable situations where you are a beginner.

The best way to learn and to grow is to just dive in.

This is what I’ve been doing.

Those that read my posts and watch my videos have probably noticed that I’ve been creating a lot more content lately.

This also has to do with my post on how being consistent at something is much easier than doing it just haphazardly once in a while.


So without further ado, here are some of the side benefits I’ve experienced from having a YouTube Channel (with 23 videos as of this writing)…

1. Increased Energy When Speaking

increased voice energy

If you watch some of my earlier videos and compare them with my more recent videos you will notice that my energy level has been increasing.

Do I speak with too little energy normally?  I never thought so, but I have found that in my everyday life and especially in the hours after creating a video that I am more dynamic, energized and even louder when talking with other people.

Energy is contagious and having strong positive energy comes across in a good way.  In contrast, having love weak energy doesn’t make you look very good at all.

2. Thinking on the fly

thinking on the fly

Again compare my earlier videos with my newer ones.  I have been finding that with my newer videos I get stuck and pause a lot less often.  I have found that constantly creating new videos helps me to better gather and vocalize my thoughts.

I still get stuck for a second or two here and there, but I have found I am better able to speak for a long period with a much smoother flow.  I hope and look forward to this continuing as it is a great life skill to have in both business and personal affairs.

3. Voice Control

voice control

Constantly hearing my own voice and being increasingly aware of how I will sound in videos has caused me to utilize all of the voice skills I have learned and known in theory on paper.

I remember that a deeper voice is more powerful and better for getting a message across.  The pace and tone of your voice is important as well.  As mentioned above it is better to speak with energy and typically with more volume.  My voice now better fills a room and comes across with more confidence.

4. Managing Overall Energy


As I mentioned before, after making a video I find that my energy levels are higher.  Even if not speaking with anyone after making a video I am much better suited to tackle my day.  I am more energized and complete more errands and business tasks.  I get more done.

We can all use more energy in life especially without the use of caffeine or other stimulants.

5. Being Increasingly Aware of How I Carry Myself and Look to Other People

looking cool

As I mentioned before, creating videos has made me more aware of how I look to an outside observer.

Do I sway for no reason?  Am I blinking too much.  Do I make weird facial expressions without even realizing it?

Most of us are never aware of these things.  These are habits to overcome and constantly seeing myself on video and exposing myself to the world both makes me more aware of them and motivates me to fine tune and fix them.


These benefits are just a few of the ones that I thought of recently.  I am sure there are more.

Would I recommend that everyone makes a YouTube channel and creates videos like I’ve been doing?


I actually would.

Before creating the channel I probably would have said only people that have specific reasons need to make a channel.

After seeing all of the extra benefits myself I realize that everyone should.

Everyone that interacts with other people should make a channel.

Everyone that wants to sound better and communicate better should make a channel.

Everyone that wants to look their best to everyone around them should make a channel.

on video

If you wish to live your most interesting life, having a channel is a great way to help you get there.

I doesn’t even need to have a purpose.  Just like with lifting weights up and down, the benefit is in doing the exercise itself.


Feel free to give me any and all criticism to help me further improve.

As they say, “Iron sharpens iron.”

iron sharpens iron

We all improve each other and ourselves in this interesting journey of life.


Until Next Time, Stay Interesting.


All the best,



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