Monthly Archives: December 2016


Making 2017 an Interesting Year

Many people look to a new year as a chance to recreate themselves and begin with a fresh slate. This is both good and bad. It is good to see it as a chance to forget the past since the past is long gone.  It is good to be hopeful and focused about the future.…

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Do Not Fear Action… Fear Inaction

Most people are scared to take actions in life. They are afraid to travel. They are afraid to start or expand a business. They are afraid to start a conversation with a stranger. They are afraid to ride that roller coaster. There is something out there that is much scarier than taking these action… Not…

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Interesting People Are Okay No Matter What!

Interesting people are always okay. Life is an adventure and Interesting People have the confidence and skills to figure it out. Trouble comes and they are prepared. If they are not prepared they know that they will figure our how to make it through the situation regardless. Throw an interesting person into a small raft…

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