Do Not Fear Action… Fear Inaction

Most people are scared to take actions in life.

They are afraid to travel.

They are afraid to start or expand a business.

They are afraid to start a conversation with a stranger.

They are afraid to ride that roller coaster.

There is something out there that is much scarier than taking these action…

Not taking those actions!

In life we tend to regret most the things that we do not do.

We are almost 100% guaranteed not taking actions since we will almost always wonder “what if”?

What if we traveled to that exotic place when we had the opportunity to do so?  What would we have seen, eaten, experienced?  Who would we have met?  How would it have added to who we are?  The scariest part of travel is not doing it.

Where would we be today if we took those business risks?  Would we have more freedom?  More money?  Both?  Is living in your current reality for the next 30 years an even scarier thought?

What if we started that conversation with that stranger?  Would we have made a new friend? A new love interest?  A new business partner? Or would we merely have just brightened each other’s day a little bit?  That may have been your new best friend or the love of your life.  Now you’ll never know and a little piece of you will have just died on the inside because of it.

What about skipping out on the roller coaster?  Maybe it would have crashed!  Probably not though.  Little kids go on those things every day, but you didn’t.  You chose inaction, and in choosing inaction you became a little weaker inside.


Stare fear in the face and act!

Every choice of inaction makes you a little weaker inside.  You die a small death each time.  This to me is a much scarier thought than just summoning up a little courage in the moment and taking a step onto unsure, unproven ground.

Realize the real risks in life from not taking action.  Truly absorb the meaning of these risks.  Know the regret that you will feel some day.

Fear this.  Fear it greater than any other fear that you hold onto.

Take action.

All the best,


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