About this Site

Life is too short to be boring.

This page is dedicated to helping people live more interesting lives.

Within its posts I share ideas, tips, tricks and habits all related to making your life as interesting as possible to become a most interesting person.

Some of my posts are late night rambles full of content, but with minimal editing, and others are more refined.  Not every post is for every person, but I would say that at least 80-90% of them can be applied to everyone.

I mostly write from the male perspective, but again most of the content discussed here can be used for both men and women.

I also write a lot about spirituality since I believe most interesting people reflect upon this side of life as well.  When I do write about spirituality I look to put a scientific spin on things as well since I believe that science and spirituality are related.

This site will evolve over time so any and all feedback is welcome.

I am sharing what I have found to work to make my life much more interesting and I am confident that if you heed my advice that it will work for you too.

All the best,


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