Making 2017 an Interesting Year

Many people look to a new year as a chance to recreate themselves and begin with a fresh slate.

This is both good and bad.

It is good to see it as a chance to forget the past since the past is long gone.  It is good to be hopeful and focused about the future.

The bad part comes when momentum inevitably gets lost and people fall back into their old habits and then wait for the following new year to make another attempt at a new and improved life.

new day

I see this every year at the gym.  In December the gym has a normal amount of people.  In January there is a mad rush of new faces walking around confused, but hopeful about their “new routines”.  By February/March the gym is back to a normal amount of people.

new years gym

This year make a plan for 2017, but include contingencies in that plan…

Realize that you will inevitably fall off the track which you set for yourself.  Accept this fact, but get yourself back on track when it happens.

When I miss a gym day I will often double up my workout the following gym day.  This helps me in two ways.  I am less likely to miss a day knowing that the following gym visit will be twice as tough.  It also keeps me encouraged knowing that I made up for a lost workout so there is no negative feelings of loss.

Another important fact to remember is that if you miss just one day of a habit it becomes much much easier to miss a second day.  If you miss a second day it becomes much much much much easier to miss a third day, and so on.

You must fear a loss of momentum in your good new habits like you would fear and avoid the plague!!!!!

Make your plan for 2017.  The excitement of other people looking to keep their resolutions should help you.  The excitement of you yourself keeping your resolutions while those around you drop off and fail should further push you forward.  Realize the mortal enemies of your plan: loss of momentum and resistance to new habits and battle them fiercely.

new year

Look to add some of the habits and mindsets listed on this site or come up with some of your own.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, but consistent work was needed.

2017 just might be your most interesting year yet.

Now and always is the time to plan…

Now and always is the time to act…

All the best,


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