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Interesting People are a Beacon of Light for Others

It is the job of the interesting few to be an inspiration for the mediocre many.

Interesting people stand out among others and act as an example of what life should be.

They are an example of why we are all here.

We are spiritual beings here having a physical experience.

We are meant to have interesting lives.

beacon of light

Interesting people usually get treated really well wherever they may go.

They get free things all the time.  They get preferential treatment.  The universe opens itself up and smiles at them.

I’ve traveled around to many different countries.  Many of these countries are known to be rude to foreigners.  When my energy is glowing and positive, even the rudest of people have been nice to me.

Interesting people energize those around them.

Their positive energy is contagious.

It is one of their greatest powers and one of their greatest responsibilities.


To quote Uncle Ben from Spider-man:

wise man


“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Uncle Ben

Those that “can” should always “do”.

Interesting people are highly capable therefore they should be the bright shining light in the darkness of mediocre drudgery.

stand out beacon

They smile… then other people smile.

They succeed…. then other people are motivated to succeed.

They strive forth into the darkness and survive giving other people the courage to do the same.

be a leader

Interesting people make the world go round.

People like Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Mahatma Gandhi, Elon Musk… they are individuals that light up the world around them and bring about massive change.

It is usually just a small percentage of the population that has the biggest influence on the world.

While most people are getting distracted by things that don’t matter, the interesting few are building both interesting lives and a more interesting world.


Interesting people expand the minds of those around them.  They think bigger thoughts.  Big thoughts are contagious.

At first they seem crazy.  Then they seem unlikely to succeed.  Finally they succeed and are seen as geniuses.


When an interesting person enters a room, the whole room lights up.

The energy level of everyone in the room rises.  It can be felt before they even say a word.


This is a sort of magic… or maybe just a subconsciously perceived psychological phenomena.

Either way the effect is strong.


It is everyone’s responsibility in this world to live the best life that they can.

Doing so makes you more interesting.

The more interesting you become, the more able you are to be an example for others.

beacon of light

Be a beacon of light.  Don’t be a rat in the shadows.


Until next time, Stay Interesting.


All the best,



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