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Interesting Physiology – The Instant Secret to Increased Life Success!

The way we hold our bodies affects how we feel.  It affects the thoughts we have and the way we act.

Try it right now…. sit or stand up straight.

Push your chest out


Hold your head up high

Take a deep breath

Raise your fists in the air as if you just won a great victory,,,

victory pose

How to do you feel compared to how you felt just 10 seconds ago?

Odds are you feel completely different.

The odds are you feel much more energetic, positive and all around better.


Can it be this easy?



Now I’m not saying that this is a cure-all for all of the problems in life…

but this is a powerful tool.


We often unconsciously have poor posture and physiology based upon how we feel throughout the day or just purely out of habit.

bad physiology

Our negative losing physiology becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

We assume the body positioning, breathing and facial expressions of someone that is unhappy and unsuccessful and we become more like that.


Science has actually shown that the way we hold ourselves affects our moods, hormones and chemicals in our brains.

strong posture

Holding the victory pose that I described in the beginning of this article has been scientifically shown to increase testosterone, decrease the stress hormone cortisol and instantly improve a person’s mood.

Taking up a lot of space also helps.

yes cheer

If you’re really looking for a big boost in how you feel you can get real crazy with this.  You can jump in the air.  You can yell out “Yes!” or make any other cheer you want.  The more extreme the action, the more effective it is.

Getting nutty isn’t necessary, but if you’re feeling down and perhaps if no one else is around it might be worth a shot.

fashionably cool confident

In addition to feeling better, having a strong positive physiology affects the way that other people see you.

It makes you look more confident, charismatic and successful.

It is the ultimate fashion accessory.


This isn’t some offshoot one-off scientific fluke either.

Countless studies have been conducted on this concept and the results are unanimous…

The way you hold your physical body affects your mind, emotions and overall success in life.

interesting physiology

Politicians, high-level corporate executives and Hollywood actors are trained heavily in this.

You can get the same exact results by becoming more aware of how you are holding your body throughout the day and then getting in the habit of improving it.


This is such an easy way to improve your life and make it more interesting.

It costs nothing, has no negative side-effects and works instantaneously.


Try it.

Let me know how it works.

successful pose

You’ll be glad you did.


Until next time, Stay Interesting.


All the best,



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