interesting people make mistakes

Interesting People Make a lot of Mistakes

Interesting people make a lot of mistakes…  and this is a good thing!

They make mistakes because they are always trying new things.

They are always pushing their comfort zones.

They may be advanced in many areas of their lives, but they are beginners at others.

Their journey of growth is never-ending.

Growth involves new experiences and learning new lessons.

When we learn a new lesson it means that we didn’t know it before…

Since we didn’t know it before we probably made mistakes.

make mistakes

Interesting people make lots of mistakes in safe environments so that they are fully prepared to do that think correctly when it counts.

I often mention the concept of bleeding in training so that you don’t have to in a real battle.

This is true in any endeavor.

Look to make lots of mistakes, but learn from them and don’t repeat them.

It is okay to make a mistake if you make it just once.  Often the price of failure is worth the lesson gained.

In learning martial arts we simulate life or death situations.  We “die” metaphorically many times in a class so that we can learn not to in real life.

choked out mistake

Did you get choked out while grappling?  In the real world this would mean being at the complete mercy of your opponent or even death.

Did you get a jab to your head with gloves and headgear on?  In the real world this could have been a fatal blow.

We make mistakes in training and learn from them.

dive in

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

We may make real mistakes in the real world in areas such as business.  Sometimes we can do all of the research in the world and still make mistakes.

A well thought out attempt that fails was usually worth the risk.  We may lose real time and money, but at least we tried.  We ventured forth into the darkness seeking something greater than what we already had.  Sometimes we fail and sometimes we succeed.  The important thing is to keep trying after making a mistake.

One of the greatest super-powers to have in this life is RELENTLESS PERSISTENCE.

Even a slow moving stream can wear away at a great mountain.

baby trying

Babies learning to walk make seemingly endless mistakes before they actually are able to walk.  Even once they start walking they still fall down a lot.

Is anyone going to tell that baby “Stop trying! You keep falling down!”?

No!  They are going to encourage that baby to keep trying, regardless of the number of mistakes it makes until it succeeds.

I know of no baby in the world that was able to walk perfectly on their first attempt.

mistake accident

I’m not saying to try to make mistakes on purpose.  Try to get it right the first time.  Keep trying to get it right until you finally get it right.  Make little adjustments when you fail.

Don’t become discouraged.  Sometimes a good night’s sleep is needed for your brain to fully process and get maximum benefits to the mistakes you made that day.

Sleep is where a lot of learning and mental rewiring is done.


If you are making no mistakes it is a sign that you are not trying hard enough.  It is a sign that you are not pushing yourself and growing.


Embrace your mistakes.  Seek to understand them.  They are a valuable part of the learning process.


What mistakes have you made lately and what have you learned from them?  What adjustments have you made?


Charge relentlessly towards your goals.


To quote a Navy Seal saying that I love:


keep going


Don’t fear making mistakes… fear not making enough of them.


Until next time, Stay Interesting


All the best,



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