Interesting Gifts Are All Around Us

We live in an incredibly interesting world.

A major part of living an interesting life is enjoying all of the interesting things we already have

Our lives have ambitions, goals, responsibilities and countless distractions.

An interesting life is full of many exotic goals and ambitions.

It is easy though while pursuing these things to lose track of the miraculous gifts all around us that we already have access to. They don’t cost us any additional time or effort to enjoy.

Note that for this article I am assuming you are part of the lucky percentage of people that have access to food, water and are not living in a war or crisis zone.

They say that the best things in life are free.  There is a lot of truth in that.

Here are just a few of the infinitely interesting gifts that surround us every day…


nature gift


Nature is all around us.  The trees, the bees, the air, plant life, animal life, the sky, the clouds, bodies of water…. I could go on like this for an hour at least, but you get the point.

Even in cities there are parks that are reserved for nature.

Nature can be enjoyed by any able bodied free person.

Nature is more perfect than anything man-made.  It is more beautiful and intricate than any work of art.

Nature is rejuvenating and refreshing.  It is serene sometimes and scary and awe-inspiring at others.

We often lose sight of the beauty all around us in nature.  Flowers, snow, sunrises, sunsets…

We are truly blessed with this natural gift.

Remember it sometimes and don’t take it for granted.


gift food


Not all people have access to a ready and steady supply of a wide variety of food, but if you’re reading this post you probably do.

More people are dying these days of too much food than too little food.

We have options from all around the world.  Italian, Chinese, Indian, Latin American, French, Japanese, Middle Eastern, African etc etc.

We often mindlessly shove junk food in our mouths, but food should be savored and enjoyed.

There are different ways to prepare, season and cook food.

There are countless combinations to try.

Someone once said to me “There is nothing like food when you’re hungry.”

We often seek complicated pleasures in life, but it certainly is true that “There is nothing like food when you’re hungry.”

Overcome addictions to sugar and salt so that you can truly enjoy the taste of fresh fruit and other natural, unprocessed foods.

Look to experiment with different interesting foods.  Eat fresh healthy foods whenever you can.  Enjoy delicious junk every once in a while.


gift music


Music has never been as accessible as it is today.

The internet gives us access to an unlimited supply of music from all around the world and from different times.

If you look at my Pandora or YouTube playlists you will find Hip Hop, Classical, Indian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Heavy Metal, Pop, New Age, Latin, Jazz, Opera, Reggae, Classic Rock and several others.

Music can instill different emotions.  It can relax us or excite us.  It can take us to far away places or bring up memories of our past.

We are blessed to have this powerful tool available to us.

Use it to your advantage and enjoy it.


gift people


The greatest joys we will have in this life will involve our interactions with other people.

Our loves, our friendships, the people we learn from and even the people we try to avoid.

People make life infinitely more interesting.

We are living in such a blessed time where the internet links together most people in some shape or form.

We can readily interact with people of all races, ages, cultures, countries of origin, interests or whichever other delineations you may choose.

With over seven billion people in this world you can meet all types of people that will play all different roles in your life….

Family, friends, lovers, business partners, short term, long term, older, younger, people who look differently, talk differently and think the same or differently from you.

I love the variety of people that exist in this world.

It makes life so much more interesting.

I have friends of all different races and ages.  I never know who may become a best friend to me or may be there if and when I need help.

Appreciate the people around you.

They truly are a gift.


gift animals


Animals are so interesting!

Some are wild.  Some are domesticated.

Some graze, some hunt, some do things we have no idea what they are doing.

There are interesting wild animals.  Birds in the sky, squirrels, fish and insects.

There are interesting tamed animals that live in our homes.

Animals can be our friends.

Whether you own animals as pets or just enjoy seeing and interacting with them, animals are yet another interesting gift.


gift friends


Friends are the best sort of people.  They are people that we laugh with, cry with and enjoy life with.

They can help us or just share life with us.

A great experience is even more enjoyable when shared with a friend.

Have friends in your life.

If you don’t have enough of them read my articles here: Interesting People Have an Interesting Social Life    and here:Having an Interesting Social Life – Video


gift water


There is nothing like food when you’re hungry and nothing like water when you’re thirsty.

Water is the perfect beverage.  Clean water is refreshing and does what a beverage is most supposed to do: hydrate you.

Chemically water is such a unique and interesting molecule.  It has a bend and magnetic quality which helps it to stick together in unique ways, but not too tightly.  If water was just slightly different life could not exist as it does.  We are so lucky to have this strange molecular anomaly so readily available.

We can swim in water.  We can listen to the sound of its rain drops.  Water also gives us interesting seafood.

There have been many times in the history of certain groups of humans that water was scarce.

Today most of us just have to turn on a faucet to have all the water we need.

Appreciate this.


gift breathing


The simplest and arguably the best gift we have in the physical world is our breath.

Every breath can be enjoyed.

Every breath can give us energy and focus.

Most people take shallow weak breaths.

Breathe deeply and fully.  Breathe in this miracle of life.

We will die from not breathing quicker than we will die from lack of food, water or exposure to the elements.

Breath can be use for meditation or physical strength.

Every breath is a gift.


I know there are countless other things I could write about and many arguably are more important than those listed above.

The point though of this article is that there are so many interesting gifts around us,.

Every day can be an extremely interesting day based purely on these.

Gratitude for these gifts is another gift in and of itself.  It is also a tool for a more enjoyable and interesting life.


While reaching high goals and exploring the exotic, strange, rare and arcane, be sure to remember and enjoy the basic, normal and easily accessible gifts we all have.


Thankfully Yours,



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