Leave No Interesting Stone Left Unturned: Part 1

If there is something interesting that you can do you should do it!

This is Part 1 of a two-part series.  Part 2 will be coming shortly and will be a video follow-up.

I was recently in Houston for business and had a flight back home to New York later that evening. I’ve never been to Texas before, but I was feeling tired and lazy and thought of just staying in to rest until it was time to leave.

I then remembered the things that I teach people. I also remembered how often friends and other people I know decide to stay home and be boring rather than have fun and try new things. Finally I remembered times in the past when I chose the less interesting path.

A few years ago I was in Costa Rica and was feeling tired and hungover from partying late the night before. A group of us were traveling to visit some ruins when we stopped for drinks near a parapente place.

Parapente is the Spanish word for Paragliding. Basically you jump off of a cliff with a parachute attached and ride the wind currents. After flying around you land in the same spot where you started. Don’t worry, if you’re a beginner you do it attached to a professional who does all of the hard work.

One of my friends did it and had an amazing time. I uncharacteristically decided not to take part in it and have regretted it ever since. It was especially painful since I’m not in Costa Rica all the time so I missed out on a rare opportunity.

It always seems like when there are times when I am on the fence about doing something interesting that I should do it.  Whenever I have decided not to do it I ended up missing a really fun, productive or interesting time.

After realizing the situation I was in I decided to go visit the NASA Space Center in Houston. I often like to visit art museums when I go to a major city, but decided for the Space Center since it was more different than any museum I’ve seen. I thought maybe there would be a few semi-interesting old astronaut space gear and that would be it, but I turned out really enjoying it!

I posted a bunch of pictures I took down there down below.

I only spent half an hour there. That was more than enough for me. I love to go to different museums around the world, but I’m not the type of person to spend 10 minutes looking at each thing. I usually breeze through the place looking at everything as I go. If I want to learn more about something I research it more deeply online when I get home.

My schedule is typically so packed that I look to maximize my time with everything I do.

I realize there are much more interesting things in the world than the Houston Space Center, and yes I’ve done and plan to do a lot of those things. The point of this site though is for any person to make their life and each day more interesting.

The habit of always choosing the more interesting path will make your life better in both big and small ways.

I know that my day was much more interesting for getting up and doing this. I felt more satisfied and energized by it.

I also know that making the right choice in Houston will also lead to me making even more interesting choices in the future.

Think about times you’ve made boring choices in the past. Use those feelings of regret to fuel the interesting choices you’ll make in the future.

Let me know what you think of my pictures.

Until next time, Stay Interesting.

All the Best,


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