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The Interesting Powers of Color Therapy Glasses

A lot of people have been asking about my color therapy glasses that you can see me wearing in several of my YouTube videos.   People that know me in everyday life have also been asking about them.

After keeping everyone waiting for a few months, I am finally writing about them here.


A little over a year ago I was at my local Float Tank center and saw a tray of 10 different color therapy glasses in the after-float relaxation room.

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At first I thought maybe it was a silly useless fad, but being in a nice positive post-float mood, I decided to try them on.

I initially tried on the blue ones since blue is one of my favorite colors and seemed like a nice mellow choice.

The whole world turned into different shades of BLUE!

I then tried on a bunch of other colors… GREEN, ORANGE, RED, INDIGO, YELLOW, PINK, MAGENTA, AQUA, VIOLET… I tried them all!

Different colors made me feel a little differently in different ways.

I noticed that brighter colors like the yellow and orange made me feel especially energized that day.

I was hooked!


Now you still may be reading this and thinking that this whole thing sounds like a lot of nonsense.

It turns out that color therapy has been known to be beneficial in laboratory settings.

It was even found that a specific shade of pink called “Baker Miller Pink” significantly reduces aggression.  It was found that painting walls in prisons this color led to a noticeable decrease in violence.  Coincidentally one of the color therapy glasses was also called “Baker Miller Pink”.

You can read about some of these studies here:



This chart tells what each color is supposed to do:

color therapy glasses


I was so excited about the positive feelings that I felt while wearing those glasses that I ordered my own set of 10 online.

I figured the investment of around $120 was worth it since they are like drugs without any negative side-effects that can be worn endlessly without getting used up.

They work instantly and the effects are reversed instantly when the glasses are removed.

I would like to note though that it is better not to drive while wearing certain colors as they can change the way signs and traffic lights look.  For example, when wearing the red glasses you cannot see a green traffic light.  It looks as if there is no light on at all.


About a week later my glasses came in the mail and I have been wearing them on and off ever since.

I noticed that some colors also have really strange color changing effects.  The Indigo glasses are the darkest ones and require the most amount of light.  When worn outside on a bright day they give the whole world a cool blueish violet glow.  They also make the yellow lines in the road look red.

Magenta also makes the world glow in a very interesting way.

The yellow and pink glasses are very mild and thus are more versatile for everyday use.  They are especially good for driving since they don’t change things very much.

All 10 of the glasses also offer 100% UV protection from the sun.


Another interesting note is that nobody is wearing these things.  Whenever I wear them out in public I get a ton of compliments and people want to try them on.  They act as a great ice-breaker for meeting new people.  When friends come over they always want to try a few of them on.

Errands and driving can be monotonous.  Wearing color therapy glasses makes them a little more interesting.  While wearing the red glasses I feel like I’m on Mars.


Even though there is a lot of scientific evidence that color therapy has real world effects I am sure that some of it is due to the Placebo-Effect.  You wear the glasses expecting to feel a little differently, so then you end up feeling differently.

For me this is okay since either way they work.  If nothing else they make things look more interesting and remind me to see the world differently.  They also remind me of how interesting the world around us already is.

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The glasses themselves can be bought for around $15 each or a about $100 to $120 for a full set of ten.

I’d say they are definitely worth the price since some people pay several hundred dollars for glasses that have no other effects than just their perceived fashion.

Click here to find one of the least expensive sets that I’ve been able to find online


It’s often the little things in life that add up to make an extremely interesting life.

In this case these glasses are such a simple-to-implement addition to your life that provide a ton of interesting value.


Questions? Comments?  Personal Experiences? Leave them below…


Until Next Time, Stay Interesting,


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