interesting people at airports

Interesting People at Airports

Recently while flying to Houston for business I noticed something that I’ve thought about many times in the past.

I’ve always noticed that airports have more interesting people than the general population.

People in airports are typically smarter, busier and even better looking.

interesting airport

I’ve even met and spoken with a few celebrities at airports and on airplanes.  This never happens at my local Starbucks or bookstore.

Sure, there’s always a share of riff-raffs as with any large group of people, but overall they are more interesting than average.

What does this tell us?


Better looking people usually lead more interesting lives.  They find themselves with more opportunities to do things like travel.

The good news is that almost anyone can improve their appearance by grooming better, improving their diets, exercising more and dressing better


People in airports also tend to have more money than the general population.  They tend to work at better jobs or own their own businesses.

Again this is another thing that we can control.  We can make ourselves more valuable at the jobs that we have, start or expand our businesses, or do extra work on the side.

interesting passport

People in airports are usually more adventurous.  Many of the people are there by choice.  They choose to be there.  They plan and set up trips to interesting locations.

This again is something you can control.  Even when I was making $20,000 a year with my first job out of college I would plan vacations which required air travel.  I would travel internationally even if only for two or three days to inexpensive places.  I did things like Mexico, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

Anyone that works full time and still uses money as an excuse for a short trip is doing just that… making excuses.

interesting airport

In my opinion International travel is one of the most important things a person can do for personal growth.  It adds to who you are in so many ways and puts the world in perspective.

Look to be the type of person that goes to airports.

Book trips for personal growth and adventure.  Maybe you can combine business and pleasure with trips too.

interesting locations

I’ve heard that the average American doesn’t even have a passport.  That’s an extremely depressing thought.  The good news is that getting one and travelling is easier than most people think.


Make travelling a priority no matter what.  Put it before most other things.

I remember one year I wanted to go to Costa Rica, but was low on cash.  I started looking at my expenses and cut back at every opportunity.  I kept a running list of expenses that I cut back on and put the extra money in a box.

Did I drink one or two less drinks than normal on a night out?  I put that money in a box.  Did I make my own food that week instead of going out?  I put that money in a box.  I even would drive more slowly and accelerate more slowly and then put two or three dollars in that box.

After about two months I had enough money for my flight and hotel.  I kept this up and had the rest of the money I needed.  I also set up some mini-businesses and side hustles to further increase my vacation funds for more trips later in the year.

The point is that international travel can be much cheaper than most people think.

People who don’t travel either don’t want it badly enough or aren’t creative enough.  They’re most likely wasting their money every day and every week on things that don’t matter.  Traveling matters.

interesting flight

Which type of person do you want to be?

The interesting type that can be seen in airports? Or the much less interesting masses who never step foot in one.

The decision and capability is in your full control.


Until next time, Stay Interesting.


All the best,


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