Interesting People Project Positive Energy.

There are two types of interesting people: positive thinking ones and negative thinking ones.  Positive ones have a spring in their step and are ready for adventure.  Negative thinking ones probably have done some interesting and/or dangerous things in their life, but are grumpy and jaded like and old grandpa who fought in a war.  They are interesting, but probably not happy.  In this post we’re focusing on the benefits of being the positive kind.

*Note that this article will include some spirituality type talk.  While I’m also a man of science myself I study spirituality at the same time.  I’ll try to give examples and references on both the spiritual and scientific side of things.  In my opinion spirituality are things that we just haven’t learn to measure in the lab scientifically.*

The best kind of interesting people project positive energy outwards from themselves.  They are like beacons of light in a world of darkness and this makes them charismatic and likable.  People are drawn to them and feel good around them.  Like also attracts like so they also find themselves meeting and interacting with other positive upbeat people.  It is a wonderful self replicating circle of positivity.

The world bends in a good way to the will of positive energy.  People respond well to it.  These people are more likely to get free dishes in restaurants, be treated better by the police, make new friends, and encounter more business opportunities.

Psychologically focusing on and projecting positivity gives you more physical and mental energy so that you can fill your day and your life with interesting things and experiences.  Physiologically it gives you better body language which people respond to and in turn makes you feel even better.  Your facial muscles usually look more appealing as well.

I’ve always found in life that when I feel like I am projecting the most positive energy all around me that I attract interesting people, opportunities and adventure.  When I’m on flights or at airports and I’m full of a sense of gratitude and adventure I have often met celebrities and been sat down right next to them for my flight.  These times were certainly more positive experiences.  Also the flight attendants seemed to be more likely to give me free food or drinks.  If I’m in a bad mood and focusing on delays or feeling stressed these things rarely happen.

Maybe projecting positivity has some sort of magic energy to it or it puts you in tune with some universal vibrations that turn the tides of life in your favor.  Perhaps just feeling good puts you in a better psychological state to see and take advantage of opportunities that you wouldn’t see otherwise.  Maybe it’s just that you trigger positive responses in other people’s brains.  I tend to think that it’s a combination of all of these things.

When you project positivity you are in a better state for adventure.  You are more ready to say yes to new things.  You are more likely to take positive risks, make new friends and step outside your comfort zone.

Like anything else and like other things that we will talk about on this site, positivity is a habit to be worked on and strengthened.  It can be hard at first, especially if you are used to carrying around massive amounts of negativity. However, after you see things turn around in a positive way by switching your focus you will have reference experiences to look back upon to help you project positivity.

If you find yourself feeling negative or even neutral, take a deep breath, stretch out your body, put a smile on your face and imagine golden positive energy radiating outward from your body and projecting onto everything around you.  Go about your day like this as much as possible and see what happens.

I wish you all the best and a life full of positivity and interesting adventures

– D

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