Interesting People Don’t live in the Past

Interesting people are always looking forward.  There’s no time to look in the past.

Sure maybe you have done some great things in the past.  Maybe you haven’t.  Either way, your best years should be ahead of you no matter how old you are.

Maybe you’re dwelling on pains from the past.  This is counterproductive.  Focus on your interesting life ahead.

Maybe you’re obsessed with the “good old days”.  This is counterproductive.  It is a waste of time.  Learn from your past and build your future.

No matter what you’ve achieved so far, we as people are only happy when we’re growing and progressing towards something else.

I was once at a business development seminar where the speaker was talking about what to do after reaching a goal.  He said to tell yourself:

“That’s great, what’s next?”

“That’s great” – Celebrate the victory.  Learn from what you did right.

“… what’s next?” – Don’t waste time living in that victory.  Build upon it.

Doting over a small victory distracts you from even larger ones.  Billionaires don’t rest on their laurels after making $10 million.  They get even more fired up to make $100 million.

Discussing the past

There was once a reporter that interviewed a successful stock trader and said “Wow if I made $100 million in a year like you did I would retire.”

The successful trader replied “That’s why you’ll never make $100 million.”

We often learn bad habits from the past.  The past represents what used to be possible.  Each day what we believe and know to be possible for ourselves should grow.

We should grow less timid each day.  We should grow smarter and more capable.  Sure sometimes we may need to reassess short term goals, but our eyes should be focused forward.

Pay attention to your thoughts and conversations with others.  Do they dwell on the past or are they mostly about the interesting future you are planning and actively building?

Yesterday is no longer relevant.

“That’s great, what’s next.”



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