Double slit experiment

Double Slit Experiment

Being an interesting guy, I sometimes have interesting conversations with people about the nature of reality.  Sometimes when having a conversation of this type I will bring up the Double Slit Experiment.

I’m a big fan of science AND spirituality.  I feel that by studying and understanding both one can gain much insight into our lives and the world around us.  In my mind spirituality just looks to explain what science hasn’t figured out yet.  In the world of Quantum physics spirituality and science often overlap.

The Double Slit Experiment makes one question the nature of reality and how the presence or lack of someone observing something affects whether it exists as matter or energy. Here is a video describing it:

Basically he is saying that we observe matter into being.  Without someone looking at the electron it behaves like energy.  When someone is actively looking at it, it behaves like matter.

This gives much credence to the ideas of positive thinking, visualization, law of attraction and even the idea of “a watched pot doesn’t boil”.  There are many directions that this can be taken; maybe not all of them have merit, but it’s an interesting concept to through around.

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it does it make a sound?  Maybe according to this concept it doesn’t.  Maybe someone who stumbles upon the fallen tree at a future time “created” and observed into being a fallen tree and the tree’s whole past at the same time.

Often when we are in a bad mood and having a bad day we seem to keep attracting more bad circumstances.  Perhaps we are really just “observing” them into being.  The same can be true with good days and attitudes.
Interesting people like interesting ideas like this one.  This concept is interesting both to the scientist and spiritual person.

It can be said that we create our realities in a figurative sense, but this idea suggests we also do literally.

Keep thinking.

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