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interesting physiology

Interesting Physiology – The Instant Secret to Increased Life Success!

The way we hold our bodies affects how we feel.  It affects the thoughts we have and the way we act. Try it right now…. sit or stand up straight. Push your chest out Smile Hold your head up high Take a deep breath Raise your fists in the air as if you just won…

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Interesting People Have Faith

Interesting People Have Faith – Part 2 – Video Follow-Up

All great people in history that have achieved anything to significant amount have had a lot of faith. How do you have faith when things aren’t looking so great? How do you have faith when you don’t know what path to take? In this video I talk about the uses of faith, how faith works,…

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interesting people make mistakes

Interesting People Make a lot of Mistakes

Interesting people make a lot of mistakes…  and this is a good thing! They make mistakes because they are always trying new things. They are always pushing their comfort zones. They may be advanced in many areas of their lives, but they are beginners at others. Their journey of growth is never-ending. Growth involves new…

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more interesting path

Interesting People Don’t Choose the Easy Path – Video Follow-Up!

Most people choose the easiest path in life at all times. They eat fast-food, they watch too much television, and if they take a vacation they take the most boring simple vacation as possible. Interesting people don’t do this. Neither should you. This is a follow-up video to the article I wrote on my blog…

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shining beacon

Interesting People are a Beacon of Light for Others

It is the job of the interesting few to be an inspiration for the mediocre many. Interesting people stand out among others and act as an example of what life should be. They are an example of why we are all here. We are spiritual beings here having a physical experience. We are meant to…

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musashi spirit of the thing

Miyamoto Musashi’s “Spirit of the Thing” – Video Follow-Up!

What is this mysterious principle of the “Spirit of the Thing” and how can you use it in your life? What can you learn from an undefeated samurai warrior? What the video below to find out! This is a video follow-up to my original article that you can find here: Interesting Samurai Thought: “The Spirit…

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color therapy glasses

The Interesting Powers of Color Therapy Glasses

A lot of people have been asking about my color therapy glasses that you can see me wearing in several of my YouTube videos.   People that know me in everyday life have also been asking about them. After keeping everyone waiting for a few months, I am finally writing about them here.   A little…

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comparing to others

Interesting People Don’t Waste Time Comparing Themselves to Others

How often do you allow yourself to become distracted by what other people have, do or say? This is a follow-up video to my original post that you can read here: Interesting People Don’t Compare Themselves to Others There are over 7 billion people on this planet, but only one YOU. Focus and live your…

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interesting people at airports

Interesting People at Airports

Recently while flying to Houston for business I noticed something that I’ve thought about many times in the past. I’ve always noticed that airports have more interesting people than the general population. People in airports are typically smarter, busier and even better looking. I’ve even met and spoken with a few celebrities at airports and…

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avoid distractions

Interesting People Avoid Distractions – Video Follow-Up!

Focus is everything in life.  Everywhere we turn there are things looking to grab our attention and distract us from our goals. Here I talk about this and how to avoid it. This is a video follow-up to my original post on distractions. You can find that post here: Interesting People Don’t Get Distracted Click…

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