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Interesting People Have Interesting Stories

One of the greatest gifts of living an interesting life are the memories and stories that come as a result of it.

The more experiences you have and create, the more interesting stories that you have to share with others.


We all like story time.  People watch movies and television.  Children often like to hear a story before bed.  Ancient tribes would circle around fires at night sharing myths and personal tales with the younger generations.

Having and telling stories is ingrained in our DNA.  Every culture both present and ancient has and have had stories to share.  The oldest of civilizations left proof of such scratched on the walls of caves and temples.

As we go through our interesting lives we collect our own stories.  Sometimes they come from planned events and adventures.  Sometimes the fodder of these stories is forced upon us by chance circumstance or trouble.

Often our most difficult, painful and challenging times make the best stories down the line.  Remembering this fact can make these challenging times somewhat easier.  The consolation prize just might be a story worth sharing one day.  Many years later it overcoming it may be one of our fondest memories and a source of strength for our self or others.

Sometimes the idea of having a story to tell can propel you to take action you wouldn’t otherwise.  Going hang-gliding off that cliff in that foreign country will make things much more interesting when talking with others back home; so will talking to that beautiful local girl at the bar.


Telling interesting stories is also a habit and skill to learn.  This comes with practice and repetition.

Tell a story too slowly and throw in too many useless details and the listener will become bored and lose interest quickly  Go through it too fast while leaving out useful details will deprive the listener of the full experience just like how reading cliff-notes is not the same as reading an actual book.

Changing pace, inserting pauses to build suspense, modifying voice tone are all attributes that add to the telling of a great story.  Listen to people like Morgan Freeman.  There’s a reason why he is so often chosen as the voice of a narrator.  It’s not just his voice, but the way that he speaks beyond that.  Most top level actors are also great at this.  Notice what they do with the words in a script; the way that they mould the words.  Learn from them and practice when you can.

You can lose many things in life, but as long as you have your mind you will still have your stories.  Invest in yourself now by living an interesting life (as we talk about on this site) so that you can have many stories which will be treasures in old age.  If the story is good enough it may just outlive you and be told for generations to come.

Live interesting


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