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Interesting People Enjoy Meeting a Variety of People

Variety is the spice of life and this is particularly true in interacting with a variety of different human beings.

Interesting people enjoy meeting people from other races, cultures, religions, professions, hobbies, life experiences, ages, sexes, political parties, countries and any other way that someone can be different from themselves.

They realize that they can learn from these people.

They realize that most people are the same at the deepest level.  People in general like to avoid pain and find pleasure.  Most people are good at heart.  People all need to eat.  They all need rest sometimes.  There are more similarities than differences.

interesting people

Different people can introduce you to different foods.  They can teach you different ways of looking at the world that you might not have thought of or heard.   The more different someone is from you, the more new ideas they can share.

They can dance differently.  Listen to different interesting types of music.  They can come from cultures with different types of art and different types of beauty.

I myself have often been surprised by the people that I’ve connected the most deeply with.  They have sometimes been from cultures and upbringings that I would not have expected.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.  Give every person a chance.  The new strange person you meet today just might be your best friend tomorrow.

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