energy of it

If You Have the Energy of ________ You Will Become ________

If you have the energy of something you will become it.

You can become excellent at anything that you want if you make it a part of you and take the right actions .

You can become athletic, charismatic, successful, wealthy, educated, helpful or anything that you are willing to choose to BECOME.

energy of it

You can take this from a metaphysical, Law of Attraction viewpoint if you want, but it is not at all necessary to do so.

If you have the energy of something you become that thing.


First let me define what I mean by “energy.”

By energy I mean having the thoughts, habits and mental wiring of that thing.  It means living and breathing that thing.  It means you think about it all the time.  You are curious and passionate about it.  You enjoy reading about it, listening about it, talking about it and doing endless research on it.

If you have free time you instantly are drawn to that thing.

You could not imagine not doing and being that thing each and every day.

It is what you think about when you wake up in the morning.

It is what you think about before going to sleep at night.

energy of it

When you talk to your friends and family you keep bringing it up.

If you are on social media it is in the posts that you look at and follow.  It is where you give the most “likes” and “comments”.

It is ingrained in everything you are and everything you do.

energy of it

This is how things come together.  This is what creates the spark of you becoming whatever you want in this world.


The problem?

Most people have the energy of nonsense.

They focus on useless things.

They are scattered among a huge amount of useless things.


People who don’t travel don’t have the energy of travel.

People who are out of shape don’t have the energy of fitness…. they’re not living that life.

People who don’t have money don’t have the energy of that.


What do people focus on?  What do they have the energy of?

watching tv


Celebrity Gossip



Social Media Nonsense

Surfing the Internet for Nonsense (Not stuff that adds to your life.  No, cat videos do not really add to your life)

Many many other things that don’t add to your life.

energy of fitness

Everyone says they want to be fit, wealthy, have lots of friends and family around them, be winners, knowledgeable, etc.

… but how many of these people have the ENERGY of those things.

How many of these people live these things and are truly obsessed with them.


Tony Robbins says that most people major in minor things.

This is completely true.


What do you major in?

What do you have the ENERGY of?

What would you like to?

What are you going to do to get there?

energy of the goal

Ask yourself these questions and become what you want to be.  Surround yourself in the energy of it.  Be it.


Until Next Time, Stay Interesting!


All the best,





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