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Interesting Travel Tool – Bluetooth Speakers – JBL Pulse 3

Often when I talk to other people about traveling the conversation goes to great ideas of what to pack and bring along.

One thing that I often recommend is a good travel Bluetooth speaker.

The technologies have advanced to the point where even a tiny speaker can connect to your phone and create sound that can fill a hotel room.

You can play whatever music you like and have an instant party atmosphere.

My most recent Bluetooth Speaker acquisition is the JBL Pulse 3 .

JBL Pulse 3

This speaker has excellent sound and is actually waterproof.  The best thing about it though is the amazing light show that it gives off.

Here is a video showing what it can do:

Now keep in mind that this speaker is much bigger and more expensive than the “Tweakers Dome” Bluetooth speaker that used to be my go-to travel speaker.

You can still find it online for around $30 and it served me very well on a number of trips

Tweakers dome

If you want a cheap speaker that I’ve also bought, and works okay, you can try this one here:

cheap speaker

You can find it on Amazon for $10 shipping included (if you have Prime) here: Cheap Bluetooth Speaker 


So why am I writing about Bluetooth speakers?

Music is one of those things that adds to our lives in so many ways.  There have been times that I’ve traveled and it was great to have music playing when I was getting ready in the morning, ready to go out at night or when having friends come to my room.

When I travel I like to see the local sights and experience the local food and culture. I like to experience nature and the natural wonders that a place has to offer.  I like to do extreme activities like bungee jumping, climbing mountains and hang-gliding.

party in hotel

I also like to experience the nightlife.

Having a solid go-to Bluetooth speaker allows you to instantly entertain guests and adds a lot to the travel experience.

People often complain about how lifeless a hotel room can be.

A good Bluetooth speaker can breathe refreshing life into any environment.

There are many times that I’ve met new friends and thoroughly enjoyed being able to play music in the room for them.


Do you have an excellent Bluetooth speaker that you like to use?  Feel free to share it with me.

Also if there are other travel items that you enjoy bringing that you think I might not know about, those suggestions are also welcome.


Happy Traveling, and until next time…

Stay Interesting


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