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Interesting People Know that the Only Way to Learn is to Do

You can read a million books, watch a million YouTube videos and spend a million hours talking about a subject.

Until you actually engage yourself within that subject and take actual action though, you know NOTHING.


The Internet is full of “Keyboard Jockey” fakers that know how to “talk the talk” about a lot of subjects…

… they don’t know how to “walk the walk”.

keyboard jockey


To live is to do.  We are here for the physical experience of things.  We are mental and perhaps spiritual beings, but to live life on this earth is a physical reality, and that entails DOING.

You can watch lots of videos on fighting and martial arts.  Your body will never get the muscle memory, timing, distancing, pacing and true internalization that you will get in actually training with real life opponents.

real life training

You can read endless books and websites about business, but until you truly interact with customers and the markets you again will still be less than a beginner until you take real world action.

Many people go online and read websites and watch videos to learn how to have charisma and to socialize.  They learn how to get dates and interact with women.  Until they go out and interact with real life people though they might as well be interacting with aliens.  Their brains won’t be wired for the real world and they will be awkward.


Don’t get me wrong.  I read TONS of books every day.  I read PLENTY of websites every day.  I watch A LOT of YouTube videos EVERY DAY….


… but I couple all of these activities with MASSIVE ACTION


I learn about nutrition… and then I got out, buy and eat healthy foods.

I learn about working out… and then I go to the gym several times a week.

I learn about business… and then I apply what I learn in various business pursuits.


Application is everything.

get on that bike

You could read your whole life about driving a car or riding a bicycle.  You could probably even have pretty good conversations about these things and sound like a convincing expert.  If you went behind the wheel of a car or hopped on a bicycle for the first time though you would be at the very first stage of being a beginner.


An interesting life is a life of learning, but more importantly it is a life of action.  It is a life of doing.  Repetition, multiple attempts, and fine tuning in the real world are all needed to develop real skill.


Are there any areas in your life where you are spending a lot of time reading, researching or watching videos on something, but not doing that actual thing?

This is a form of procrastination.  It is doing feel-good busy-work, but not actually working towards anything.

This is like buying a new TV, reading the manual a thousand times, reading all of the reviews for it on the Internet, but never turning it on.


Seriously think about all of the areas in your life in which you do this…

How about taking some action?

How about seeing some real progress and growth?


Your interesting life depends on it.


Until next time, Stay Interesting.


All the best,



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