Magic of Small Actions

The Interesting Magic of Small Actions

Life can be overwhelming!

Most of us have goals that often seem too big or out of our grasps.

These goals become wishes without any plans of actually becoming a reality.


We look for shortcuts, miracles or hope to win the lottery.

How can we actually achieve these goals when we are too overwhelmed to even get started?

The answer is:

Start taking small actions

Act. Start. Do anything.

There is a magic to momentum.

When moving an airplane, cruise ship or any other large mass it is usually just that first inch that is the toughest.  After that first inch, each additional inch, foot, mile (or centimeter, meter, kilometer to our metric friends) becomes easier.

Inches add up and lead to feet.  Feet add up and lead to miles.  Miles add up to a complete journey.

If you feel overwhelmed by a huge goal then find laughably small tasks you can do for that goal.

Small actions

Here are a few examples of laughably small tasks for a variety of different goals.


To make more money:

Do a Google search on making money and read whatever article looks interesting.

Make a list of actions that you could take to make more money.

Watch a YouTube video on making more money.

Talk to a friend about making more money.

List something to sell on eBay or Craigslist.

Check out a job board for better jobs that might be available.

Make a list of ways you can make more money at your current job. (Certifications, promotions, overtime, etc)

Make a list of products that you can possibly sell or create to make money.

Watch a YouTube video on making websites.


Getting in Shape:

Buy one more healthy item in the grocery store than normal (that you’ll actually eat)

Do 10-20 push-ups, squats, and/or sit-ups.

Do some internet research on getting in better shape.

Make a list of gyms in your area and call them up for pricing (If you don’t belong to a gym already).

Experiment adding a new exercise to your current training plan.


Being More Social and Having More Friends or a Girlfriend/Boyfriend:

Make small talk with random people.

Say hi to people that you pass by during the day (at work, the gym, a store, etc.)

Look up online groups of people with similar interests to you on or Facebook.

Watch a YouTube video on social dynamics, people skills, charisma, etc.


Anything is better than nothing.  If you don’t know what to do, start small.

Make lists of whatever actions you think can take you closer to your goals.  If an item on your list still overwhelms you then break it down further.


Here’s an example:  Going to the gym.  (Assuming you belong to one, but don’t feel like going)

Step 1:  Stand up

Step 2: Get your gym clothes together

Step 3: Drink a glass of water, tea or coffee

Step 4: Play a motivational song that you enjoy

Step 5: Do 5 push-ups

Step 6: Put on your gym clothes

Step 7: Put on your shoes, gather whatever else you need.

Step 8: Walk up to the door.

Step 9: Walk out the door and head to the gym.


That was one rough example, but it shows how taking baby steps can get you to where you want to be with short-term and long- term goals.

Each one of those steps by themselves are pretty simple, but each one builds momentum.  By the time you’ve finished Step 8 you are much more likely to actually go to the gym than you were before Step 1.


Big Goals


Remember though that the point to this concept is to accomplish big goals so you’ll eventually want to do bigger and bigger tasks.  You’ll never get to where you want to be by just reading books and watching YouTube videos.  You’ll want to grow beyond the smallest of actions and get in the habit of taking larger ones.

The good news is that this will become easier and easier over time.  Just like with lifting weights, you will progressively get better at taking big actions the more you push yourself and the more momentum that you build.

Remember that whenever there is an action that you know you should take, but you’re not taking it, the secret is to

Break It Down Into Smaller and Smaller Micro-Steps!

baby steps

Try this today.  Try this right now.  Think of something that you would like to do, but are overwhelmed with.

Make a list of micro-actions.  If any of those micro-actions still overwhelms you then break them down into smaller actions.


Leave a comment if this works or doesn’t work for you.


Until then Stay Interesting,


All the Best,



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