Fall off track

January 1st – Are you off track already!?!?

How is your New Year going so far?

Did you make it to the gym or do any real exercise?

Did you start reading that book that will add to your life?

Did you start throwing stuff out/organizing your surroundings?

Did you work on a plan to help you achieve whatever goals you have?

What did you do so far to make this year a great and interesting year?

If you haven’t done anything or if you’ve done much less than you intended, don’t worry…


This is actually a great thing… in a way.


This is an opportunity to work on your ability to get back on track!


The ability to get back on track every time you fall off-track from your goals is probably the most important ability on the road to success.

Life will always have obstacles.  You will always miss days at the gym.  You will always have sick or lazy days when you get nothing productive done.  You will always stop reading that book or taking whatever actions you need to be taking for whatever reason.

This is okay.

The important thing is to catch yourself each time and get back to it.  This is a muscle you must work out and develop.  The bonus prize for every time you find yourself off the right path is the chance to develop the habit of getting back on.

So as you read this whether it is January 1 or December 31, get back on track with whatever you’ve been wanting to work on.

Even 5 minutes of work is infinitely better than ZERO minutes of work.  Mathematically 5 is infinitely better than 0.


If it’s January 1 and you’re already off to a weak start for the year this is okay.  Get back on track.  You are most likely going to keep falling off track many times.  This is okay.  Keep getting back on track.

This is the true path of progress.  No progress is ever completely steady.  It always has its ups and downs.

Realize this.

This is reality.

Most people get discouraged by this and stay off-track.

Not you.  Just keep getting back on track.

This is how habits are formed and maintained.

on track

Cheers again to a great 2018!


All the best,


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