Make 2018 Great

Making 2018 Your Most Interesting Year Yet!

New Year resolutions are cliche, but can also be effective.

Before planning out 2018, it would be good to review 2017.


Ask yourself the following questions…

Did you travel to any new places?

Did you improve your finances?

Did you meet any new interesting people that added to your life?

Did you read any good books?

Did you have any interesting adventures?

Did you become more healthy?

Did you learn any new languages?

Did you learn any new skills?

Did you grow spiritually?

Did you challenge yourself enough?

Did you grow enough?


Take an inventory of your life.  Did you become a more interesting person?  Did you have a fruitful and interesting year?

Make a list


Celebrate your victories.  List where you fell short.


Now with 2018 plan how you will make it an interesting year full of life and growth.


Is this the year you work out consistently?  Is this the year where you make more money?  What trips are you going to take?  Are you going to work on meeting more people, making new friends and/or having more romance?  What can you do to make these things happen?  What prevented you from doing these things in 2017?

Decide now how you’re going to make 2018 better than 2017.  Plan out vacation dates, even if just roughly.  Figure out something inexpensive, but new to try, if cost is an issue.

Make a list of 10 or so books that you want to read.  Commit to going out more and being more social in day or night.  Put plans together.

Download a free language learning app like Duolingo or Memrise.  Join a gym and/or a martial arts school.

Make a list of some healthy foods to add into your diet.  (As a side-note:  I personally have found that a great way to eat healthier is to focus on eating healthy foods rather than avoiding unhealthy ones.  When you eat healthier foods there is less room for the unhealthy ones in your life.)


If you have a plan you are more likely to accomplish your goals.  Plan now a few things that you will do differently this coming year.  Stick to it.  If you find that by February that you are back off track again that is ok, just get back on track.  You don’t need to wait until 2019 for another chance.

When you catch yourself falling off-course, just keep getting back on-course; no matter how many times it takes….


Here’s to an amazing 2018 for everyone here.  Cheers to the New Year and what it may bring!


All the best,

Happy New Year,

– D

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