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Humor is Interesting: How to be Funny and Stand Out from the Crowd

In any social gathering there are typically people that stand out and are the center of attention.  These people are usually the ones with a great sense of humor and make those around them laugh a lot.  It is like they instantly have a small audience around them wherever they go.

Interesting people tend to have a better sense of humor than most people.

Life is too short to be serious all the time.  I once heard it said “Don’t be so serious, it’s not like any of us are going to make it out of this (life) alive.”

not having it

… but some people aren’t having it…

Many people get angry at others for making jokes at serious times.  What these angry people don’t realize is that even in serious times, humor serves many purposes.

Humor leads to creativity.  It takes creativity to create humor.  It involves thinking outside the box and making connections.  Thinking outside the box and making connections between thoughts, ideas and strategies is important when taking on serious problems.  By incorporating humor into serious situations you can unshackle your mind and increase your creative problem solving capability.

Humor can also help people cope when dealing with pain.  It can be therapeutic and healing.

humor is bonding

Humor is also important for bonding between humans.  It is a way to exhibit strong mental capability and helps cement relationships.  Being around a humorous person typically feels good.  You enjoy the time around them.  Being around a stale and boring person can feel grueling.

Some evolutionary biologists even believe that humor can act as a way to express strong intellect genes.  This can make people stand out evolutionarily  when seeking a mate.

Humor helps build commonalities between people.  If two people can laugh at the same joke together they can get along in other ways.

Life can be tough.  Our lives can be difficult at times.  Humor helps make bearing difficulties easier.

humor and health

Laughing and experiencing humor is also good for your health.  It helps reduce stress, boost the immune system and actually reduce the odds of cardiovascular and other diseases.

It is very hard for a person without a sense of humor to be interesting.  It is very hard for someone with an excellent sense of humor not to be interesting.

Be more funny

How to have a better sense of humor, be more funny and more interesting?

The mere act of watching comedy can make you more funny.

Watching funny videos, watching talented comedians and going to funny websites can give you a better sense of humor.

Comedy Writing Secrets

There are also books that can be read to learn how to be more funny.  One such book that I read a while back is Comedy Writing Secrets by Melvin Helitzer.

The best way to become more funny though is to practice.  Make more jokes.  Hang out with friends more often and joke around with them.  You are likely to make some stupid jokes that aren’t really funny, but if the people around your really are your friends they will forgive you.

bad joke

There are of course times in life where acting funny isn’t appropriate.  This should be common sense.  Extra care should be taken at funerals, in open court or when traveling to North Korea.

Most of the time though a little humor is a welcome addition to any situation.  It will make you seem more interesting, be more liked and make life for you and those around you more enjoying.

stand out

Keep laughing, Stay interesing….

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