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How I’ve been Able to Travel So Much

This post features the first video on the new Most Interesting Life YouTube Channel!

Watch the video below for the full discussion.  Here are the main points though:

  • Everything starts with momentum.  To become a world traveler start with an easy, inexpensive trip to a nearby cheap country.  Work your way up from there.

  • If you get any vacation time at all from a job then use that for international travel.  “Stay-cations” pretty much always suck and you never get all of the things done that you intend to get done.  If you don’t get much vacation time from work, use what you do get in the most interesting way possible.

  • If lack of money is holding you back then don’t let it.  Travel is the best use of money for overall increased life happiness.  Create a separate travel box or account where you put money that you save instead of wasting on stupid things.  Instead of buying extra drinks at a bar, food at a restaurant, or anything else, put it in your travel fund.  It’s amazing how quickly this can add up.  I go over a few other ways that I saved money for trips in the video below.

Like with anything else in life, with enough focus you can achieve it.  This especially applies to travel.

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