Don't reject yourself

It’s Never Interesting to Reject YOURSELF

It’s never interesting to reject yourself.

Don't reject yourself

This probably either sounds strange or obvious, but what do I mean here?

Most people reject themselves all the time in so many ways.

They do it because they don’t really believe it is possible to get the things they really want in life.


Maybe you would be interested in meeting an attractive girl or guy that you see somewhere.  If you do go up to them and try to meet them you might be “rejected” by them or not.  If you don’t go up to them at all you are 100% rejected, but by yourself.  The results of the rejection are the same.

The same can be true for starting a business or looking to make more money.  If you try it you may or may not succeed at a specific task, but if you don’t try anything you are guaranteed to be a failure because you in fact rejected yourself.

With fitness and getting in shape it is the same thing.  If people believed and felt deep inside that if they did certain exercises and ate a certain way that they would look like their ideal self they would most definitely do it.  The human brain is a tricky little manipulator though.  Your own brain can convince you that diet and exercise won’t work and that you would be sacrificing the joys of being lazy or eating bad foods.  It convinces you to reject the ideas of taking the right actions.  Day by day you are rejecting your own ability to look and feel the way you would want.  You convince yourself it isn’t even possible before you really get started.  Once again you have rejected yourself.

self rejection

Another negative side effect of rejecting yourself is that it becomes a habit.  The more you do it, the more set in your ways you become and the less likely that you are to take positive actions in the future.

Rejecting yourself is never the more interesting path.  It always leads to a mediocre life full of disappointment.  It is a 100% Path to Failure.

The notion of rejecting yourself in the way that I describe above may sound silly at first.  As I mentioned your own brain often convinces you that things aren’t possible and makes excuses for you not to take action or accept certain risks.

Tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago this may have made sense since taking the wrong risks may have meant death for you or your family.  Maybe you would get eaten by a lion or kicked out of the tribe, forced out into the wilderness, and left to die alone.

Nowadays the risks generally are minimal.

Whenever you feel like you should take an action for growth, but lean towards not doing so ask yourself:

self restrained

Am I really rejecting myself here?

If upon reflection you see that you should take the action then you had better damn well take it.

Never accept failure when there is even a small chance for success!

Most of the time if you make an attempt and still “fail” you feel good about yourself for even having had tried.

Choose life.  Choose yourself.  Choose to live your most interesting life by not rejecting yourself.

All the best,


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  • Daniel

    Reply Reply October 1, 2017

    Yes. Good article.
    Our brain plays dirty little tricks on us and prevent ourself to archive bigger thinks in life.

    Another example to make it clear: Cold Showers.

    The longer you wait to step into the cold running water, the more time has your brain to convince you… it will convince you that the cold water is a painful experience and that it isn’t the right day to start a cold shower life today.
    Let’s do it tomorrow! And then 1 year bygone and you ask yourself how that could happen…
    Therefore: One had to turn the cold water on and immediately step into it. Experience the uncomfortable things in life will raise the self-worth because you won the fight against your “self-defence-brain” every single day.
    And then oneself understands:
    Life isn’t for wimps. It’s for fighter and winners.

    • mostinterestinglife

      Reply Reply October 1, 2017

      Yes, excellent point. The longer you wait the tougher it gets to do the right thing.

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