Wild, but Disciplined!

An interesting life needs to skate the edge between wild bold excitement along with disciplined responsible focus.


Everything in life needs balance.

When driving a car you need a gas pedal and a brake pedal.  Without the gas you wouldn’t go anywhere.  Without the brakes you would crash or drive past where you want to go.

We have both day and night.  Without daylight we wouldn’t have plants and thus no food.  The planet would also freeze.  Without nighttime the planet would overheat.

Balanced opposites operate at every level of existence from protons and electrons in physics to male and females in our species.

It is important in living our lives to also have the right balance to keep them interesting.

wild life

It is good to live wildly, to take risks and to push your comfort zone.

It is also important to mitigate those risks, plan for the future and make sure all of your ducks are in a row.

It would seem like these two modes of thinking and being are in opposition to each other, but in reality they support and enhance each other.

By being responsible, disciplined and focused you will ultimately have more time and resources to take part in bigger and bolder calculated risks.  You are also more likely to survive the wild adventures you embark on.  Survival is a necessary part of continued adventures.


Saving and not wasting money allows more funds for travel.  Taking good care of your health allows you to be able to go on more exciting adventures and to live long enough to have more of them.

Being wild and bold often leads to new opportunities.  New opportunities can lead to more friends, wealth or other factors which lead to well-being.  Fortune favors the bold.  Fortune also allows for more stability and control over your life.  Being wild in the right ways can therefore lead to a more responsibly lived life.

wild risks

Starting business ventures may not seem like the safe choice at first.  They require time and money, but can lead to financial independence and thus lower overall risk.

Boldly going up to talk to new people can lead to valuable friendships or romantic relationships that also enrich your life and open new doors.

Oscar Wilde once said “Everything in life in moderation, including moderation.”  This should be a motto for any most interesting person.

Always look to balance your overall life in this way.  It can be easy to get to lazy and adopt habits of inaction or fear.  It can also be easy to spiral out of control with too much partying or irresponsible behavior.

Self-awareness is key here.  Just as we explore the world around us, be sure to constantly be exploring the world within.  Keep tabs on both your outer and inner lives and make sure your balance is a healthy and productive one.  The balance will change over time in both directions.  Make sure it is the right one for where you are at that time.

balanced life

No life that is both very interesting while being happy and satisfying can be led without this balance.

Always be finding new ways to enhance both your wild side and

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