The Interesting Few That Do, While the Many Watch

“The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch.” – Jim Rohn

There are many types of people out there in this world.

There are many that react differently to the idea of living an interesting life.


Some people are scared to do interesting things.  They live lives of fear seeking out safety, comfort and routine as their top priority.  They watch interesting people doing interesting things and wonder why some people act so crazy and wild.

Others select their own “flavors of interesting”.  For example they might go skydiving, but would never visit a poor country.  Maybe they like eating crazy foods, but avoid places with crowds of people.  They are watchers in some situations and doers in others.

Many people are the type that will “some day” live more interesting lives.  They see people doing interesting things, but put off doing them themselves indefinitely while they wait for some predetermined circumstances to occur.  Usually these circumstances either never occur or when they do occur the person adds more circumstances that are needed for them to act.

The final type wants to do these things, looks to push their comfort zone and rarely waits around for special circumstances to do them.  They find a way and execute.

They “do” while the others “watch”.

Many people don’t do things because they feel they are too dangerous.  Often with a little research someone can find out how dangerous an activity really is.  For example with skydiving when dealing with professionals accidents are extremely, extremely rare.

People can also learn ways to put the odds in their favor.  With skydiving they can pay close attention to the instructions given before doing it.  With visiting a “dangerous” country they can learn areas to avoid or common scams that are used on people there.

With circumstances people are usually just not creative enough.  If they don’t have enough money to travel somewhere, maybe there are special programs for people looking to volunteer time there.  Maybe they can find ways to save money or sell some things they don’t really need or use.  Maybe a trip doesn’t really cost as much as they think or maybe special deals pop up on flights or hotel rooms.  Either way there are usually many more options than people think.


They might not have enough vacation time off from work.  Did they ask their boss if they could work something out?  Usually they did not.  If they did, they just might be able to get the time off.  The same thing could be true if they have kids.  They just might have a really close friend or relative that could watch their kids while they go.  They only need to ask or offer to help them in someway in exchange.

In any case people that are motivated and driven enough to do something usually get to do that thing.  The rest of the people just find excuses not to.  Almost everything in life is an excuse.  One man’s mountain is an interesting man’s molehill.

Look at your life.  Ask yourself if you are a “doer” or a “watcher”.  Are you often on your Facebook or Instagram feeling the pains of not doing things other people are doing?  Do you have a long list of “someday” goals that have been sitting there for a long time with no real plan to reach them?  If you find that you are tired of watching and envying others doing things you would like to do, you should reexamine your “excuses” and see which of them are really just “molehills”.


“Just do it.” – Nike

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