Spark in life

The Spark of Life

“Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.”

Often the difference between an interesting life and a boring one is the cumulative effect of making more interesting choices in your life.

By being a little more daring, taking more or bigger actions or being just a little more bold your entire life can turn out differently.


Small sparks can start massively raging fires.  The more sparks, the more fire in your life.

It is easy for people to fall into routines where they don’t make any sparks.  This is the part of human nature that seeks to conserve energy and not take risks.  This is a deeply ingrained part of our mental wiring.  Unfortunately it leads to a boring and unaccomplished life.  It leads to a life devoid of passion and excitement.  It leads to a life of regret at the end of it.

take risks

Creating small sparks in your life produces adrenaline.  It instills excitement and leads to even larger sparks.  Those who stretch one day can stretch a little further the next day.  Most great lives aren’t really the result of a few massive actions, but the added effects of habits consisting of continuously executed smaller ones.

The spark of life is to stretch a little further than you normally would.  It means to think bigger and act more.  It means to go beyond what the small, careful part of your mind would think is sensible.  It means to go beyond what the “average” person would think is sensible.  It means to do more than what the lazy, scared or limited-minded person would do.

Do you create these sparks in your life?  The answer should be obvious.  Do you often think to yourself that you “feel alive”?  Do you have a spring in your step?  Do you often smile to yourself how exciting life can be and feel joyous over its endless adventures?

… if you don’t then this is a sign that you need more sparks in your life.  Take more actions.  Take more calculated risks.  Do whatever it takes to feel more alive.

Small sparks lead to great things and a great life.

Get started now.

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