Pure Joy

Pure Joy

Why are we here?  Why do we like to live interesting lives?

The answer is both simple and complex.

We are here to feel and express joy… love… happiness… creativity…

We are here to feel… to feel these things… to feel alive.


We are all little pieces of one great conscious universe.

We forget what we are and become small-minded.

We are here to dream and to live our dreams.  We are here to see past the illusions of lack, fear and limits.  We have been blessed with the ability of divine creativity with the irony of having had forgotten how to use it.

We are part of the eternal.  Being infinite beings part of an all-powerful and all-knowing whole our greatest curse is our greatest blessing too.

One universe

We have forgotten what we are, but we also eventually get the great joy in slowly remembering.  Finally we remember and dance around in this joy for a while and then choose to forget again.

It is like why we watch horror movies.  We like to scare ourselves in a safe environment and then after the movie ends we remember the truth that it wasn’t real.  Part of us forgets that it is just a movie.  We feel the thrill of fear and then come back full cycle to remembrance.  This is our lives.

Some remember quicker than others.  For some it just comes more naturally.  Maybe they have older souls.  Others must read, meditate and study.  We are all on the same path though.  We are all pieces of the same puzzle.  We are all connected and all reach the same place eventually.  We are all writing the stories of our individual souls as part of the greater tapestry of the universe, God or whatever you name it.  Choice of words doesn’t change the eternal truth.

Try to remember this truth.  You will forget it and this is okay.  I will forget it and this is okay.  Remember it when you can,

Happy kid

Feel the pure joy of existence.  Be the pure joy of existence…

… and share your light with others.

All the best,

– D

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