How Alive

How Alive Do You Feel?

It’s easy to fall into patterns in life.

We develop daily routines, get comfortable with small-minded views and get used to living on autopilot and following the easiest path.

Every once in a while we get woken up from this, hopefully in a good way.

Maybe we have a lunch with old friends or maybe new ones and get a different perspective on life.

Maybe we take a vacation and are immersed in a different culture, different surroundings, and are completely thrown off of our daily routines for each day that we are away.

At times like this we usually feel more alive.  We taste every bite of the meals that we eat.  We enjoy every drink.  We sit back, relax and ponder the bigger picture of life.

I’m having these thoughts because I just returned from a week-long trip to Costa Rica.  I enjoy my daily life back home, but I too often forget to think and live bigger.

Me in Costa Rica

Me hanging out in Costa Rica

Which way of living is more natural?  Is it more natural to fall into daily monotony or is it more natural to constantly be engaged with a spirit of adventure towards life?  Like most things the answer is probably a combination of the two.  Some routines make sense.  Having some routines in place saves time.  You may follow a routine because from trial and error you’ve found that it is the most efficient and beneficial way to do a certain task.  These things make sense, but….

Most people are skewed way to far on the side of monotony and dullness.  With a life full of tasks to be completed and responsibilities it is too easy to forget how alive we are able to feel.  The act of remembering itself is a task and a daily battle.  At any point in life you could theoretically be anywhere and be doing anything.  Are you doing the thing you would most like to be doing right now.  Is this how you’ve spent your day, week, month or year?

The answer is most likely “no”.  How can you change this?  If you don’t change something then the monotony will continue.

Realize what is possible.  More is certainly possible and doable.  The only question is how much more?

Any step in the right direction is the right step.  When you fall into a rut in life the only answer is to dig yourself out.


Wake up, grab your shovel and start digging.  Feeling more alive is worth the effort.

All the best,


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