Interesting People Have a Global Mindset

Interesting people realize the world is much bigger than their own country, region, state/province, city or neighborhood.

The world has so many interesting things to offer interesting people and they sure as heck take advantage of it.


The world is full of so many interesting foods.  In the United States most people think they know Japanese food from their local Japanese restaurant, but that is far from the truth.  I learned that most people know very little of the wide diversity of foods in other countries when I had a traditional Japanese breakfast in Tokyo.  The only thing I recognized was a little bit of the rice, but beyond that I was pleasantly surprised by the assortment of pickled vegetables and other treats that I still have no idea what they were.  They certainly made for a breakfast I will always remember.

The rest of the world has so much more music than we hear on our hometown top 40 radio station.  It has different styles of dress and variety than most of us are used to.

Around the world people have different ways of looking at things and similar ones.  The difference allow us to learn that there are many ways to get something done.  Some of these ways are better than the ones we have gotten used to.  The similarities remind us that even with so many differences, we are all still people with the same basic emotions of fear, joy, hate, love, sadness, loyalty, sneakiness  and senses of humor.



People from other places can surely learn from you, but remember to be ready and willing to also learn from them.  This makes for a much more interesting and enriching life.  You don’t need to adopt their ways of life completely, but you surely can find a few improvements here and there.

The world is growing in so many ways and also getting smaller in others.  We are becoming more and more connected through more efficient transportation and the internet.  We can reach people from around the world easily with computers and smart phones.  We can learn about places we want to see and explore.  We can learn about different food, spiritual beliefs and styles of dance.  The variety is almost overwhelming.

The greatest takeaway from this post is to not allow yourself to get boxed in to just the immediate world around you.  Day to day life has a way of blinding us to the bigger picture.  It is easy to forget how richly interesting the world around you is.


The best way to experience this global mindset is to travel.  Get your passport and book a trip(s).  Short of that look to befriend people of different cultures.  Practice different languages.  Eat a meal at an ethnic looking restaurant….

Just think bigger and do what you can to act bigger and more globally.

Having a global mindset will always lead to a more interesting life.

Best wishes,

– D

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