Never Talk in Absolutes

Never talk in absolutes.

That itself is an oxymoron, but it seems that the only absolutes that hold up are those having to do with the idea that there are no absolutes.

We live in an interesting world full of many interesting forces and factors to consider when evaluating situations. At best we can be right most of the time, but no one is right 100 percent of the time.

This is how we must look at life.

When planning our interesting lives we must realize that things can go wrong at any time, and things can turn overwhelmingly in your favor in the blink of an eye. We can plan for what we seem most likely, but we must also be ready for the best and the worst.

Every dog has their day. Every champion gets defeated (if they compete long and often enough).


A friend of mine once told me the story of an older coworker of his who told him, “One thing that I’ve learned is that in life, never say you won’t ever do something because you never know…” This can have many different meanings both good or bad.

Maybe you will know greater success than you ever thought possible. Maybe you will see places and meet people that you never thought you would have seen or met.

Maybe you will know greater pain, failure or suffering. Maybe you will be forced to take a job that you always saw as “beneath you” in order to survive.

The more varied situations that we plan for the better prepared we can be in either scenario.

It is often those things that we don’t seem coming that do us in. It is often those things we never expected that bring us the greatest joy and blessings.

Never say you won’t try a certain food, befriend a certain type of person or jump off that cliff because you never know.


Even if we are dealing with the bad side of this remember that Abraham Lincoln made it through some tough times embracing the thought that “This too shall pass.”

Nothing lasts forever, both good or bad. Sometimes we embrace what we think is good and later realize that it was bad. Sometimes we fear what we see as being bad, but when it arrives we find great good in it.

To quote the great Bruce Lee, “Be like water”. Have a plan, but go with the flow and change with it. Never trust an idea presented as an absolute. Remember that tyrants and demagogues usually speak in absolutes to fool people and rile them up.

An interesting life will have many twists and turns revealing paths we would have never thought we’d find ourselves on and closing off ones we thought were our own.

Almost nothing in this life is 100%. Almost nothing in this life is 0%.

Plan accordingly.

All the best,


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