Happy New Year

New Year, New Interesting Life

Okay, I think it’s cheesy to wait until the new year to make positive life changes…

I also think it’s pretty lame to be overly cynical.

2017 just started so any excuse is a good excuse to lead a more interesting life!

Points of focus for 2017:

Health and Fitness –

You should already be working out regularly.  New Years is probably the worst time to join the gym since there’s a flood of new people.  Coincidentally the BEST time to start working out is right now (whenever that may be).  It just so happens that “right now” is the beginning of the year so start working out if you aren’t already and carry on if you already are.

Diet is at least as important as exercise.  It’s also a very difficult habit to keep.  Here’s just one idea for you then:

Instead of thinking what foods you’re going to get rid of, think of a food or type of meal to add to your current diet.

Most people eat haphazardly without any planning.  They eat off-the-cuff and stop in whichever random deli or fast food place is nearby when they’re hungry.  Instead of doing this try throwing a few healthy, yet tasty foods in a blender and drink that.  Some things I add are ice, peanut butter, broccoli, frozen berries, a banana, protein powder, green powder, flax seeds, carrot juice, coconut water, cinnamon, or whatever else is healthy.  You can load it up more if you just left the gym, or make it less calorie dense if you’re looking to cut weight.  Substitution is a more palatable strategy when crafting dietary habits than just “cutting things out”.

Cook up a few eggs, eat a handful of nuts, a yogurt, or a scoop of peanut butter instead of a candy bar, pizza or french fries.

Finances –


There are many things you can do here.  The simplest one is to cut or reduce expenses.  Look at all of the ways that you spend money on a regular basis and research less expensive alternatives.  Are there products that are just as good or better for a lower price?  There are usually less expensive gyms, cell phone plans, cable providers, etc.  Savings like these end up saving money every single month.  This money can be used for emergencies, investments or adventure.

Can you add additional sources of income?  Maybe you can park some money into a place that pays higher interest.  Maybe you can apply a skill you already have to make more money on the side.  Consider experimenting and starting a website, Amazon/eBaype business or any other idea that you’ve been keeping in the back of your mind.

Social Life –

Be social

Make an effort to be more social.  Strike up random conversations.  Don’t worry, they can be short.  Organize outings with friends.  Contact long lost friends.  Most people are too lazy to plan get-togethers with friends.  If nothing is going on then be the person to do the planning.  Invite just one friend or many.  Having a healthy social life has been scientifically proven to be good for your health and mental well-being.




Spirituality – meditate

Consider studying some new spiritual systems.  You don’t have to give up what you currently believe in, but you would often be surprised how many different spiritual paths all lead to the same place.  Pick up a book on Buddhism, different forms of Christianity, Taoism, Hinduism, Kabbalah, Islam or any other area you feel curious about.  You just may gain a greater perspective and a more satisfying sense of meaning in your life.




In closing

New Year resolutions are incredibly cliche, but can be effective.  Make a plan.  Do a little bit everyday.  Documenting your activity will help in this.

Most importantly if you fall off course, get back on it no matter how many days you miss.  Don’t wait until 2018 to get back on track.

May 2017 bring you health, wealth, friendships and adventure.

All the best,


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