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Men Should be Men and Women Should be Women

Men Should be Men and Women should be Women…

… and both should be the best human beings they can be.

I believe that one of the biggest problems with this world’s most “advanced” societies is how mixed up gender roles have become.

Now if someone is gay, lesbian or whatever else, I do believe that they are that way genetically and good for them to pursue their life in whatever way gives them the most fulfillment.

This post is mostly focused on straight people, but can probably be utilized by any human being.

My main focus here is a negative cultural tendency that is unnatural and leads to overall lack of fulfillment in most people’s lives.

There are real genetic and psychological differences between men and women.  These are not 100% absolute when comparing individual people, but are tendencies when looking at the population as a whole.


Men are naturally physically stronger, more logically minded, more dominant and aggressive.  Men are less likely to over-analyze and more likely to build things in this world.  They have better depth and spacial perception.

Women are better caregivers.  They are better equipped to nurture small children.  They are more capable of reading into social situations and cues.  They tend to be better at finding things that are right in front of their face.  They have a sharper sense of smell.  I’ve also hear that they make better sharpshooters.

Men are genetically programmed to go out and hunt.  Women are more programmed to forage and raise the young.  Women’s bodies are also equipped for the massive task of bearing children.

In today’s modern world physical labor is becoming less important than it was 100 years ago.  We have more machines to do a lot of the heavy lifting and the tendency will go even further in this direction as time goes on.

I believe if a woman can do a job as good or better than the man next to her then she should be allowed to do it.

I also think that if it’s physical labor and the girl is outdoing the guy then that should drive the guy to become stronger and better at it himself.

bossy women

In too many societies today men are being told to let the woman be the boss of them.  People say “women are always right” and “happy wife, happy life”.  Most men in these societies are too scared to even argue against this.  They just sheepishly agree and say “yeah, she’s the boss”.

Women naturally “test” men.  This is actually very normal and is based on the fact that evolutionary they need to make sure that a man truly has strength.  Psychologically they may goad him or try to throw him off balance.  It is the job of the man to pass this test and not lose his focus or give up his strength.  He shouldn’t lose his cool.

Historically speaking bearing children has been a risky endeavor and a tremendous physical undertaking for a woman.  A large percentage of women would die in childbirth so it makes sense for them to only want the best genes in a mate.

Of course there should be limits to how far a woman continues to test a man.  It shouldn’t go to the point of becoming a dysfunctional relationship dynamic.

Is it a coincidence that birth rates in these types of countries are decreasing?

Men’s testosterone levels are the lowest that they’ve ever been.  Women’s hormone levels are also out of whack, but that’s beyond the scope of what I’ll be getting into.

Between chemicals in our food and water, the use of plastics and hormones, and the overall horrible diets in more “developed” countries men’s testosterone levels are chemically under attack.

Add to this the recent cultural propensity for women to look to dominate men and there is a psychological effect that also has a real influence on further reducing testosterone in men.

I’m not saying men should physically dominate women.  Women shouldn’t physically dominate men either.  It shouldn’t be okay for a woman to hit a man just because she can get away with it knowing that he can’t or won’t hit her back.  This is unnatural and against our genetic evolutionary programming.

In a typical straight male/female romantic relationship the guy is supposed to be in charge.  The woman is his partner, helper and adviser.  Her input should be valued, but the man should be the one making the end decision.  Yes, some women are much better decision makers than some men.  In cases like that, those women should probably find a smarter man.

One reason why so many relationships these days end in failure is because of this lack of natural balance in them.  Neither the man nor the women ends up feeling completely satisfied.

Society tells the man to be overly soft, sensitive and supplicating.  The woman may even say that she wants that (most actually don’t). In actuality, it makes her nauseous when the man actually acts that way.

It is the man’s job to be the solid rock.  This is why they are physically bigger on average with testosterone pumping through their veins.


Today’s society looks to treat boys and girls in exactly the same way.  This is seen on television and further enforced in schools.  Dominant behavior by boys is frowned upon.  It’s no coincidence that on average girls are now doing better in school than boys.  The system is rigged against how boys naturally are.

I understand that modern technology has changed some of the necessities of the uses of the strengths that men and women each have.  This does not mean that this blending of the sexes should migrate to every aspect of life.  It is neither natural nor fulfilling for either group.

As an interesting person you should embrace your natural strengths and leverage them together with the skills and attributes you would like to develop.

Each human should look to be the best human that they possibly can.

Men should embrace their natural manhood and women should embrace their natural womanhood.  They shouldn’t be made to feel badly about doing so and certainly shouldn’t be taught and pressured into behaving in such extremely unnatural ways.

strong woman

I think that a woman should be as tough, strong and badass as they want to be.  It is a man’s job not to let himself get bossed around and put in a subservient position.  He should be motivated by strong women and look to raise his own bar even higher.  Both men and women in society shouldn’t teach men to be weak and supplicating.  This whole “women are in charge in relationships” is a flawed lesson plan.  Both men and women should be taught to embrace their own strength without the glorification of the feminisation of men.

A dominant masculine man, who can lead, is a force to be reckoned with.   A smart, sexy and focused woman can also be an extremely effective powerful human being.  Both working together and leveraging their natural strengths is the true way to advance a society.

Keep aiming higher.

All the best,


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